November 30, 2023 / by Danny Mavis

Are you seeking the ideal companion for your firearm, a support that combines comfort, functionality, and manoeuvrability into one? In the world of tactical prowess, your weapon is an extension of your capabilities and a guardian in times of need. But what often stands between a seamless, comfortable carry and an unwieldy burden is your firearm sling. 

Utility meets innovation and style in these adjustable gun slings. They keep your firearm close, allow you to move freely, and ensure that your focus remains on the target ahead. The intuitive design adapts to your style, whether you’re a stealthy operator or a wilderness wanderer. Holster your expectations and prepare to explore the vast landscape of sling options. 

What Is the Point of a Weapon Sling?

Whether you’re in the wilderness, on duty, or just trying to impress your buddies at the range, a high-quality gun sling does more than just keep your firearm close. It’s the reason you’re not constantly adjusting your grip, struggling with the weight, or feeling like you have an extra appendage. This tool moulds to your style, making your firearm an extension of yourself. It keeps your weapon at the ready whether you’re aiming for a target or just reacting to the unexpected.  

military sling

But it’s not just about being practical; it’s about staying comfortable. These must-have accessories help you spread the load, so you’re not regretting every step you take. They’re like reliable friends that have your back – or, in this case, your firearm. Different missions, different styles – your trusty companion is as versatile as you are. Whether you’re in stealth mode or flaunting your gear, it just rolls with you, no questions asked. 

These seemingly simple accessories offer convenience and turn your weapon into a natural extension of yourself. They make you feel ready when it counts and do it all with a touch of comfort and style. So, the next time you sling your firearm over your shoulder, appreciate the little hero silently making your journey a whole lot smoother. 

How Tight Should a Weapon Sling Be?

You know the feeling when you’re wearing a backpack and it’s so snug it’s practically a part of you? Well, gun slings should hang close to you, but they shouldn’t be gasping for space. Too tight, and it feels like you’re trying to fit into those skinny jeans after a big meal—uncomfortable and restricting. You want a bit of breathing room, not just for you but for your firearm too. Let it hang out and relax a bit, but still stay close enough for those moments when you need it to step up. 

gun sling

On the flip side, too loose, and you have a problem waiting to happen. Having your weapon swing around freely isn’t just annoying; it’s a safety hazard. Nobody wants a surprise weapon tap when you’re just trying to navigate the terrain. So, aim for that sweet spot where your firearm is snug against you, but not so tight that you can’t move freely. Give it enough room to breathe, be at your beck, and call when duty (or fun) calls. 

Different Types


One-point gun slings in Australia offer plenty of freedom of movement when you need to pivot, crouch, or pull off some tactical dance moves. They typically attach to the back of your firearm, near the receiver, through a single clip. The attachment point gives your gun the freedom to pivot and move naturally like it’s part of your body’s rhythm. It’s all about that fluid motion without sacrificing security. And let’s not forget the adjustability factor. You can usually tweak the length to find that sweet spot, allowing your firearm to hang comfortably by your side without feeling like it’s dragging you down. It’s like tailoring your gear to fit just right. 

This is your go-to style for quick transitions. You can go from zero to action in a split second. That’s where the one-point setup shines, allowing you to smoothly bring your weapon into the limelight. This accessory is your specialised companion for certain missions. When you need speed, agility, and a setup that adapts to your every move, the one-point style steps up to the plate. 


This setup hooks onto your firearm with two points of connection, which offers more balance and practicality. A two-point gun sling attaches on both ends of your gun, near the stock and upfront by the muzzle. This creates a steady bridge between you and your firearm and distributes the weight evenly. The attachment points are usually in the form of swivels or clips, which ensures a secure link without any fuss. 

two point gun sling

The beauty of the two-point setup lies in its stability. Your firearm hangs in a balanced and controlled manner. It’s not swinging around unpredictably, but it’s there, ready for action when you need it. You can tweak the length of the straps, finding that sweet spot where your firearm hangs comfortably—not too high, not too low. 


These weapon slings come with three attachments – one near the back, one up front by the muzzle, and another in the middle, close to where the action happens. This cradles your firearm, distributing the weight across three solid points. They ensure a secure link without turning your gun into a captive, and they adapt to your every move. Whether you need to switch shoulders, go prone, or transition between different weapons, the three-point setup is ready for the choreography. You can fine-tune the length of the straps and find that perfect balance where your firearm hangs comfortably and doesn’t throw off your groove.