February 26, 2024 / by Emma Jones

The famous Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” This famous quote highlights the beauty of nourishing your mind and soul by infusing your space with greenery and a chosen selection of books.

Plants have the power to instantly elevate your home appeal and infuse it with serenity and natural beauty. Beyond the fact that they are visually appealing, plants have many other benefits. They can improve the air quality, reduce anxiety and boost your mood. If you are a true nature lover you’d probably love the idea of incorporating greenery into your home.

To help you design your indoor oasis, we’ve decided to give a few stylish ideas that will help you integrate more greenery into your home. From exploring the beauty of cacti and succulents to choosing stylish plant pots, there are myriad ways you can add a touch of nature to your living space. Join us on this journey to discover how to transform your living space into a pleasing environment that not only appeals to the eyes but also nourishes your soul and well-being.

Include Cacti and Succulents

indoor plant succulents
source: thelittlesucculent.com

If you are looking for plants that require minimal maintenance you may consider adding succulents and cacti to your indoor space. These plants require minimal effort from your side as they can survive on fairly dry soil with a minimal amount of water for a longer time. These plants come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours which makes them suitable for a variety of indoor decors. If you are unsure which type of succulents to choose, consider your indoor space and available light to ensure optimal conditions for their growth.

You may also consider shopping from specialty shops, like local nurseries or online plant shops that offer a unique selection of diverse succulent varieties. For example, you may opt to buy decorative plant succulents online from the many succulents au stores that offer a wide selection of these unique plants. Plants such as Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Jade Plant, and Echeveria are well-suited for indoor spaces. In addition to being visually appealing these succulents have excellent air-purifying properties, and require minimum sunlight compared to some other plants.

You can designate a specific space or corner in your indoor space to create a mini oasis with a selection of diverse succulent species. For instance, you may decide to implement small varieties such as Echeveria and Haworthia on shelves and tables with limited space. You can also select stylish pots for your succulents and cacti to add a touch of artistic flair to your space that matches your indoor decor.

For example, you may choose terracotta or ceramic pots that come in various shapes and styles to add a decorative touch to your plants’ display. These pots are well suited for plant succulents as they have a proper drainage system with holes at the bottom which prevents overwatering. For those who travel often, innovative self-watering pots may be a great choice for succulents that can adapt to self-watering systems. Diverse types of succulents and cacti can thrive in these kinds of pots, including Jade plants, Aloe Vera, Haworthia varieties, and many others.

Choose Stylish Pots for Your Plants

In addition to choosing the right type of plants for your space, you should select stylish pots that will enhance the overall appeal of your indoor decor and help your plants thrive in different environments. To select the ideal design consider your taste and your overall interior design.

For a minimalist and contemporary interior, you may choose cylindrical, ceramic or metal planters with sleek lines. If you love boho decor, you may opt for decorative macrame hangings with tassels that are particularly suited for certain types of plants, such as Spider plants and Pothos. You can place them above your bed to create a cozy nook or implement them in spaces like living rooms or kitchens to create a boho chic ambience that draws attention.

For those looking for a beneficial and appealing way to grow your plants, you can opt for self-watering planters in unique artistic designs. For example, you can choose animal-shaped planters to add a playful touch to your indoor environment. These compact designs are well-suited for plants like small succulents, herbs and cacti.

Modular planters are another innovative designs, which are perfect for creating a customized layout and create unique plant displays. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for various interior decor. You can mix and match different styles of plants inside these planters and arrange them in different ways to display your plant in a visually appealing manner that suits your taste and available indoor space.

Create an Indoor Garden Nook

indoor garden nook
source: pinterest.com

To infuse a touch of nature into your home, you may consider designing an indoor garden nook into your space. For this purpose, you may decide to add a variety of diverse plants and choose the right place in your home to display them. This could be a designated corner in your room that has access to natural light such as places near large windows, or windowsills.

You can arrange the plants according to size to create a visually appealing display. For example, you can place tall slender plants like Orchics, or Snake pants in the centre to make a focal point and arrange medium-sized and smaller plants in front of the tall ones to add depth and dimension to your garden nook.

To add layers and make the most of your vertical space, you can also include various shelves and plant stands to display your diverse plants attractively and add character to your nook. To further enhance their appeal you can decide to add some decorative features, such as coloured pebbles to cover the soil surface or string lights around your plants to create a magical and cozy atmosphere, especially in the evenings.