October 21, 2022 / by Danny Mavis

Most car companies spend a lot of time and resources on designing the interiors of their products. Car interior designs have come a long way in the past 10 years. Most cars nowadays are loaded with electronics, equipment and comfort elements that add to the driving experience. However, the scope of adding your own aftermarket modifications is still infinite. In this article, I’ll talk about ways you can modify your car’s interior and make it stand out and be more functional.

Seat Covers

Seats make up more than 60% of your vehicle’s interior. They’re arguably the most important part once you step into your car. Almost all cars come with fabric upholstery, and even though they’re designed meticulously, they still lack a premium feel. This is where aftermarket seat covers come in, as they add a plush sensation to your seats. These accessories are available in a range of materials, colours and prices. The ones on the affordable side are generally made of PU leather, which is the most popular among buyers. You can get genuine-leather covers, which are slightly more expensive but provide a more luxurious look. Either way, make sure to choose wisely to make sure the covers gel with the overall look of your car.

seat covers
source: homedepot.com

Steering Wheel Covers

Just like how there’s a huge emphasis on seat design, steering wheel design plays a huge role in the aesthetics of the car’s interior. There are many aftermarket steering wheel covers made of a wide range of materials. Leather wheel covers are the most expensive, naturally, but they provide the most grip and comfort. Keeping the state of your steering wheel pristine will keep your car’s resale value high. Any cover will offer enough protection, so the most important factor to consider is whether or not the material it’s made of is non-slip. Additionally, try using a similar colour theme as your seat covers for a coordinated look.

Door Handle

The car handle inside your vehicle can also play a role in its overall look. Buying a car handle inside is similar to buying one for the outside of your car – you have to make sure its mechanism is simple and easy to use, and that it matches the model and make of your vehicle. As far as materials, plastic is the most common, and it can be finished in a wide range of colours, such as silver. To ensure the best fit, look for door handles that are a direct replacement for your factory handle.

inside car door handles
source: carparts.com

Floor Mats

The floormats are the most visible part of your car’s interior after the seats and steering wheel. Apart from playing a role in your car’s aesthetic, they also act as a shield, protecting your interior from dirt and dust. Floor mats are easily removable and easily cleaned, unlike floor panels which take quite a bit of effort. Floor mats are available in a range of textures, materials and colours, allowing you to fully personalise how your car looks.

Typically, mats made of rubber are the best at trapping grime and are extremely easy to clean. On the other hand, floor mats made of felt-like materials can look better, but will require the occasional vacuuming. Ideally, you’ll want one that’s made of a combination of rubber (at key areas) and felt-like material. Generally, floor mats are made to fit specific models and makes, so make sure to check for fit before buying.

Phone Mounts

phone holder
source: reviewed.com

Using your phone while driving is dangerous, and should be always avoided. Sadly, many people ignore this rule and do it anyway. Just taking your phone out of your pocket to check who’s calling can be the cause of a dangerous accident. This is why it’s recommended you get a phone mount so you can place your phone on a visible spot on the dash, so that even if you look at it, your eyes are still on the road. Of course, it’s best you never look at your phone, but if it can’t be avoided, then that’s the best way to go about the issue. Additionally, that way, you can use your phone for navigation or for listening to your favourite tunes.

USB Plugin Outlets

USB sockets have slowly become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. They’re the sources of power for most of our electronics and devices. As a result, even car manufacturers implement at least one USB socket inside the cars. However, one USB socket is rarely enough. There are many cases where multiple people would like to charge their devices. This is where extra plugin sockets help. These sockets can easily fit directly into your auxiliary input and provide as many as 4 USB outlets.

You can also get cable guides to orderly organise your cables. Many times, a cable might interfere with your shift stick or even the parking brake, which can be a nuisance to deal with while driving.