July 21, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

If you are someone who likes torches or uses them quite often, then you have no doubt heard of Led Lenser. They have a huge variety of torches that are aimed to be used for different things. They really do have something for everyone which is why we will be going over their best selling products. We will also be going into detail as to what the flashlight has been designed for and why people seem to love it. If you are someone who is looking for a new flashlight or a flashlight for a specific purpose then keep reading below to find a torch that is right for you.

Led Lenser Flashlights Make Outdoor Activities More Comfortable and Safe


The Led Lenser H7.2 is a headlamp that most pros have been loving lately. It is lightweight and easy to wear making it really comfortable. It also has a great 250 lumen beam which is also adjustable. You get two different settings including a long distance setting and a low beam setting which you can adjust in whatever environment you’re in. You also get a dimming function with the Led Lenser H7.2 as well as a bezel that will swivel the headlamp for you.


This is a headlamp you want if you are into action sports and need great speed lighting. The Led Lenser XEO 19R has been designed to meet any challenge. The LED lights can be activated separately with a unique 5 speed switch which is the first of its kind in the whole world. They also come with automatic brightness control as well as speed cooling. This means that the faster the speed you are going, the brighter the light will become. The battery box can also be connected elsewhere making this headlamp very versatile.


If you are a diver then you have probably come across this model and one point or another. It is made up of plastic that is both shock resistant and shatter proof. It also comes with magnetic switches which make handling it with gloves easier than ever before. You get two hours of great light and it is also light and easy to handle.


This is great for someone who wants something compact and needs a flashlight in case of emergency. It fits right onto your keychain, but don’t let its size fool you as it is powerful. It’s light and made from aluminium meaning it won’t weight down your pocket or your bag. This is the perfect little torch to carry with you just in case you need one.


This is a great little, waterproof, pocket sized rechargeable flashlight that would be great in anyone’s collection. It sports an impressive 1000 lumens and you get it from only one chargeable battery. The great thing about this rechargeable flashlight is that it uses a USB drive so you can charge it basically anywhere, anytime you need it.


If you are looking for a powerful tactical flashlight, look no further than the Led Lenser T7M. It also comes with the unique feature of a glass breaking tail. You can switch the light intensity to suit your need and the dimmer it is the longer the battery will last. It comes with a focus lock system which keeps it from moving around while you unholster or holster it throughout the day or night. This is a must have for uniformed professionals who are looking for their next torch.


This is a must have flashlight for first responders and emergency crews. It is durable and very bright, it is also shockproof and resistant to a whole lot more. It needs three d-cell batteries to power it which will run for a long time. It is comfortable and easy to grip as well as being easy to handle. You can also adjust the focus to aim the light where you need it most in emergency situations.