September 19, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

Fishing is my favourite hobby – it’s so relaxing. It’s just you, your equipment and the open sea. Even if you go fishing with a few friends, it still feels as if you’re alone out there, or at least away from anything that causes stress. Well, although these are my very own thoughts, I am going to play the devil’s advocate here and say this mindset is also the one of the biggest mistakes you might make. Yes, fishing is very relaxing, but remember that under the surface of the water, there are creatures you’re trying to lure into a trap and they’ll fight for their life till their very last breath. I’m not saying that anything bad could happen, it’s just that we’re living in the digital era and if you’re not on your own, all of your funny screw ups could end up documented on video and uploaded to the internet. That being said, there’s no doubt that watching some Australian fishing bloopers is a great way to have a laugh or two and relax after a long day, just make sure you don’t get the leading role in one of them. Below I’ll go over a few and mention what I’ve learned from them too.

The Fatal Walk

I’ve encountered many videos where anglers decide to stand up and start moving around when the moment just isn’t right. Since the balance of the boat changes at all times, it doesn’t take a lot to get carried away in a fun conversation and end up in the water. Can you imagine spending the whole day soaking wet?

Is Captain Fish on Board?

Many people reel in the fish and then try to catch it with their hands by dragging it into the boat. This is a big mistake and I really love these videos because they always end up in disaster. Either the fisherman ends up in the water and the fish swims away, or the fish slaps the fisherman’s face with its tail. The moral of these videos is to always remember to properly use a net.

Holding a Fish in Your Hands

There are a lot of Australian fishing bloopers where the anglers are posing with the big catch and something goes wrong. Either the fish makes a glorious escape during which the angler gets slapped in the face, or worse – there is this really funny video where a sea lion snatches the fish right from the hands of the fisherman.

Entangling Lines with Your Buddy

Talk about fishing together. Well, this is a little bit over the line. Literally (chuckles). Apart from being funy, this situation is also very time consuming since the untangling of the lines can take up more than half an hour.

Mind Where You Are

Not being aware of the environment when fishing is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. That’s the only reason there are so many videos of people falling in the water and getting their hooks stuck on all kinds of rubbish.