August 06, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

As an activity, camping has a lot of enjoyable aspects to it that people really like. You get to walk around and breathe air, take a bit of a break from your busy life and relax, and you even get to sleep under the open sky at night starring up at a blanket of stars. There are, however, a few aspects of camping that aren’t so enjoyable. You will almost certainly become an insect buffet, you may not know what you are doing if it’s your first time and you can’t reliably power any devices you bring along. Bug spray will take care of the first problem, a bit of experience the second, but what to do about the power issue?

If you are out in nature, you don’t really have many power sockets handy that you can use to charge your phone. The closest thing would probably be your car or caravan, but even then you need an inverter in order to transform the nature of the current from the battery. The easiest method to power your devices while you are on a camping trip is to get yourself some camping solar panels and let the sun do the work for you. Where before you would have hidden in the shade trying not to get a sunburn, now you will be looking for a literal “hotspot” for your phone or other devices.

Solar charger mobile

When I say “camping solar panels” a lot of people probably immediately think of the older models of solar panels which were the size and weight of a two-door fridge. However, these models are lighter and much more portable, while still being able to produce an impressive amount of power even in less than ideal conditions. Since they are made with the outdoors in mind, they are also far more durable than the standard solar panels you might find. Plus, they are waterproof. They standardly contain several USB outputs, meaning that as long as the device you brought along has a suitable cable, it can be plugged in and fully charged in no time.

If you aren’t that dependent on electronics and prefer to only bring along the non-electrical essentials when you go camping, then there really is no need for you to even consider bringing the solar panels. However, if you would like to bring along just a few extra items that could make the trip more enjoyable, then there really is no better choice than the camping solar panels when it comes to giving you all of the options that you might need.