July 15, 2016 / by Emma Jones

Ah handbags… I feel like all women worldwide react the same way around the topic: all craziness that goes in our female heads instantly stops when the word gets mentioned and we start starring at one point, popping our ears in the attempt to hear where do they have ladies handbags for sale. It’s like the secret female religion we all bow to. The God of this religion? That’s the thing, there’s not one God, there are many: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik,.. and many others coming from all parts of the world.

If you look at the matter from a male’s perspective, it’s actually a brainer as to why women need so much handbags. But let’s leave that aside for the time when some woman gets it over her head and decides to lecture male population on the importance and meaning of handbags and shoes in the female world. Maybe at some point in the future that will finally be a handled matter.

As for now, dear lovers of handbags, let me share a short adventure I recently had. I stumbled across a large sale offer in a store and when I finally decided to sacrifice my last thousand dollars, I got in a fight with this other woman over a perfectly designed, envelope-shaped handbag. Along with the other two I picked, of course. After arguing for about 30 minutes with the old lady that certainly won’t have the chance to combine that handbag with anything (judging by her clothes), I left the store and decided to try another approach: I was going to look for ladies handbags for sale online. That way, I’ll choose peacefully, pay and have it delivered at home.



While here, I have to protest on something that a lot of women (including myself sometimes, but hey: we all fall under the spell eventually, right?) do when they see a sale sign: they buy like crazy! Just because it’s 50% off, it doesn’t mean you need it. Therefore, knowing the basic styles of handbags that you can combine with almost anything you have in your closet, will save you money and quite frankly, nerves.

The petite baguette bag

It got its name from the baguette (a type of French bread), because it looks like one. It’s relatively long from one end to another, and small from top to bottom. It can have either short handles or long ones, and as such, it’s the perfect choice for a casual outfit with flats, or a night vision with a dress and high heels. The baguette bag can be either elegant, sporty or very casual and due to its large versatility it deserves a place on your handbags shelf.

The eternal totes

The tote bag can be simply described as a must-have. It’s the most basic type of handbag which you can go to work with, run errands around town, go to coffee with friends and pretty much do about any activity that includes you being dressed in a casual, classy or fancy outfit with flats, boots or heels. It can vary in shape, but I think one that is large enough to fit all your necessities is the must-have while other shapes and sizes (some can be pretty large) are optional and depend on budget and available shelf space.

Shine in the night: envelopes

These are the elegant bags designed for nights out. Ideal in cases when you have to go to a club with your friends, go for a nice casual dinner with your boyfriend or, when you need to attend an elegant dinner party, a wedding or a romantic evening that includes an elegant dress, expensive jewellery and high, head-spinning heels. These generally have no handles, which is why they’re called envelopes. They can also vary in shape, and therefore in sub-style. I mean, sure you won’t be wearing an envelope with sneakers, right?
So ladies, do a little closet cleaning. Do you have all the right handbags, or is it time for refreshments? Frankly, I know it is, because when isn’t it?