February 18, 2019 / by Emma Jones

Let’s face it, not everyone can endure the foot pain and potential deformities that comes when you compromise comfort for style. Just ask me. Years of wearing stilettos to work have left me with painful bunions. That being said, few shoes that are aesthetically appealing are actually comfortable and healthy enough for a woman with foot problems. So, does this mean that women like me should go through their whole lives wearing ugly shoes?

Of course not! Did you forget Mary Janes? Mary Janes are great news for everyone with painful feet who’s in need of a classic, feminine, practical and comfortable shoe all rolled into one. Recognizable for their wide front toes and strap, Mary Janes are shoes designed to allow you to walk through the day pain-free. And even though most of you might find these shoes to be vintage fashion, they are coming back in style in one form or another with brands like Miu Miu, Marni, Gucci and Jimmy Choo putting their modern twist on this classic design.

Mary Janes orthotic shoes

However, if you do struggle with feet problems like bunions, hammertoes, gout or ingrown toenails, I’d suggest going for a pair of orthotic Mary Jane shoes. These models incorporate features that make them even more comfortable and supportive. For instance, wedges, platforms and chunkier heels can offer more cushioning between the feet and the ground, causing less pain. Not to mention, how most of you will appreciate the additional height that comes with them.

Another important feature to consider if you’re looking for orthotic Mary Jane shoes is extra depth at the toes and heels. This will allow you to fit an orthotic aid whenever needed. The adjustable strap will allow you to wear these shoes both with and without orthotics. And don’t worry though, modern orthotic designs have come a long way from their previous ugly medical-grade alternatives. If looks are important for you, consider popular orthotic brands that do not compromise style in their designs like for instance Klouds, Mephisto and Silver Lining.

The versatility of these shoes makes them an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Due to their classic design, Mary Janes can be worn with a variety of pieces from trousers to dresses, culottes and skirts, making them a great all-around shoe. Plus, one of the best things about these shoes is that they actually look good with a pair of socks or tights peeping through the straps. You can choose tights or socks in a classic white colour to achieve the famous doll-like look these shoes are famous for or go for some bolder colours for an edgier, even punk-like vibe.