December 23, 2016 / by Emma Jones

There’s more to comfortably riding a motorcycle than just the process of choosing the right motorcycle, that’s something all pros know. The key to being a good biker lies in preparation, learning how to stay organised and in having the right set of accessories. You can’t expect to make the most of a ride if you don’t take care of the luggage, especially if you’re passionate about long rides. It’s same as going on any trip, and packing is in the likes of preparing for a holiday if you intend to stay on the road for several days.

The choice of motorcycle luggage is vast, with saddle bags, soft bags, hard bags, sissy bag, bar mount and tank bag models to choose from. The important thing is to pick accordingly with your riding needs, if you usually have longer rides then getting hard luggage to ensure optimal security is the option to go for, whereas for shorter trips choose the soft models. Horse power can also be your indicator since more horse power can withstand more weight and that won’t interfere with the speed. Another aspect you should look into are the properties of the luggage, making sure they’re not just water resistant but also waterproof and dustproof. There’s nothing like good protection when it comes to your belongings; you wouldn’t want to arrive to your destination only to find your precious electronics damaged, right?

Motorcycle Luggage 2

Clothing is one of the priorities for bikers because weather can be unpredictable, one minute you’re having a sunny day ride – the next clouds occupy the sky and you’re soaking wet. Along with the choice of materials, such as synthetic or wool instead of cotton, stacking up on lightweight waterproof clothing, you have to be mindful of the way you pack. It’s crucial that you make a raincoat accessible as well as all the items you find necessary while keeping them separate from the rest of your belongings; this shows you it’s not just important to choose motorcycle luggage well but to keep it organised too.

Investing in good lighting is mandatory, the flashlight should give you the proper amount of lighting at night when you have to have a second look on the map and besides, they don’t take up much space. Speaking of space, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t use up too much of it at the expense of the seat, the seat has to remain clear so you’d have a comfortable ride instead of feeling squeezed in between the handlebar and luggage (something bad from a safety point of view).