October 19, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

Quality sunglasses may seem like a luxury, but the truth is, they’re a long-term investment for the health of your eyes. Besides having a design that matches your unique style, your sunglasses should protect you from the harmful UV rays. But what happens if the lenses of your favourite sunglasses get scratched or damaged in any way?

Damaged lenses are especially annoying if you have a top-quality pair such as Maui Jim. You wouldn’t feel like buying new ones, that’s for sure. But wearing sunglasses with scratched or damaged lenses can be equally bad for your eyes, as not wearing a pair. That being said, if you’re not to keen on investing in a new pair, the second best thing you can do is replace the lenses of your sunglasses. And if you’re looking for Maui Jim replacement lenses, it’s best to consider trusted sellers that offer a guarantee for their products.

Anyways, let’s take a look at some important things when it comes to sunglasses lenses replacement.

Why You Should Replace Sunglass Lenses?

No matter the quality of your sunglasses, with time the lenses can get damaged. Even if you take good care of them and managed to avoid visible damage, the lenses’ protective coating deteriorates with use. And over time, it might not be as effective so your eyes won’t be safe from the UV radiation.

In fact, not all scratches are visible; some of them are so tiny you might not even notice them. But, if you take a better look, you’ll see tens of miniature scratches that resemble a web. So, deciding to find Maui Jim replacement lenses is the right thing in this case.

 find genuine Maui Jim replacement lenses

Long-term overexposure to UVA and UVB will reduce the effective protection on the sunglasses and this can lead to eye damage like pterygia, eye cancer pingueculae, cataracts, and macular degeneration. These diseases will cause discomfort, deformity, and various degrees of vision loss (in extreme cases, even blindness).

A corneal sunburn can occur even after a short term overexposure in the sun. Snow or water activities increase the risk of UV exposure because these environments are highly reflective. The less sunlight is absorbed by the ground, the more radiation will reflect toward your face and eyes. This is why it’s essential that you always have superb eye protection. . If you wear them seldom, then they will be effective for a longer time.

How Often Should You Replace the Lenses on Your Sunglasses?

If you’ve worn the same pair of sunglasses every day or very often over the course of a year, and even if you don’t notice any damages, they surely became less protective, hange the lenses of your sunglasses. If you don’t wear your sunglasses as frequently and if they seem to be in good shape, the right time for a change is after two to three years. This is a general rule, don’t wait for two years if you notice there are scratches.

maui jim sunglasses lenses replacement

What Should You Do If You Need Lenses Replacement?

If you notice any damage or believe that it’s time to replace your Maui Jim’s lenses, the first thing you need to do is make sure to find a genuine product suitable for the exact sunglass model. Start by seeking the logo of the model of the sunglasses on the outside part of the frames. Check for a SKU number to identify the frame (the SKU includes a series of numbers and letters).

Some brands can make several editions over the years of the same frame type. Most websites that sell lenses replacements list a year of the frame model.

Some frames have several sizes; the size is often the number you see after the SKU and before the square symbol. Check for qualifiers such as an “S” or an “L” (they indicate frame or lens size). Once you find these things, you can do your purchase.

Types of Maui Jim Lenses

Finally, let’s talk about the available types of Maui Jim lenses that you could consider for your replacement:

polarizedplus2 technology

  • PolarizedPlus2 Lens Technology – Maui Jim uses three rare-earth elements in the PolarizedPlus2 lenses. These lenses provide light filtering and colour balance, allowing you to see colours as the eye naturally sees. You will see deep, saturated colours and enjoy a better contrast and depth perception. Maui Jim patented PolarizedPlus2 technology is specially made to improve your view in all kinds of sunlight conditions.
  • Maui Jim MauiBrilliant™ Lenses – These lenses are made of an exclusive material that provides the clarity and scratch-resistance of glass. In the past, people had to choose between lenses that had the most optical clarity and lenses that were lightweight enough to wear them comfortably. Glass lenses provide the sharpest vision, but they are not lightweight and not quite impact-resistant. Plastic or polycarbonate lenses, are lightweight and provide better protection against impact. However, their downside is that they scratch easier than glass and provide less clarity. With Maui Jim’s innovative MauiBrilliant™ lenses, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – top clarity and a lightweight feel.
  • Maui Jim Evolution® Lenses – These lenses are a mix of Maui Jim’s SuperThin Glass and Polycarbonate lenses. If you seek for a lightweight lens that offers exceptional scratch and impact-resistance and better optical clarity than traditional polycarbonate lenses, this is your ideal option. The Evolution® is a high-index lens, and are ideal if you have a strong prescription.

Your eyes should always be protected from the sunrays. Pick the right sunglasses, but don’t forget that they too have an expiring date.