July 03, 2019 / by Danny Mavis

To get a job properly done, you most certainly need to have the right set of tools, but what about the right workwear clothing? The proper clothing is an important segment of any job as these pieces are specifically designed to optimize your comfort, productivity, protection, and safety while working. But how do you know which mens workwear trousers types are best and are worthy of investing in? Well, here’s a bit of help on the matter.

Regular (Double Knee)

Standard work pants have extra fabric on their knees, which makes them ideal if your job requires you to frequently get down on your knees. The extra layer on most regular men’s workwear trousers is made to prevent the everyday wear and tear from ripping it open – comfort isn’t usually the primary goal. But you can find some that have a small amount of padding in order to provide you with a soft area that won’t restrict your movement.


If you are someone who needs to have an array of tools with you and change your working site a couple of times during your workday, I’d recommend you get cargo pants. Just make sure they have enough pockets to hold all the pieces of gear you need to take with you. Cargo pants are a comfortable type of mens workwear trousers due to their loose fit around the waist.


Since being a tradesman often means constant physical movement, having a pair of work pants that adapts to whatever position you need them to is of greater importance. The fabric they are made of is one of the most durable types and it lasts quite long as it doesn’t rip or tear as easily as the rest.


Painter pants have lots of pockets, pouches, and loops. They are very similar to the carpenter or cargo pants, however, they are known as the best model for storing and protecting tools. Although most mens workwear trousers will have some room for storing tools, with painter pants you can store even the largest tools, such as a hammer.


You can forget about ironing work trousers with canvas pants as this material doesn’t wrinkle as much. Stains are also going to be less of a worry as this wrinkle-resistant fabric is also stain resistant. If you are tired of ironing and cleaning your pants every time you get home from work then canvas trousers are just what you need.