January 03, 2019 / by Emma Jones

A perfectly manicured dining room is so yesterday if you ask me. Just picture your grandma’s dining room and tell me is there anything stylish about a long wooden table surrounded by matching wooden chairs? So, instead of lazily settling for an arranged dining set, why not give your dining room a more modern vibe by mixing and matching chairs?

I know the idea of mixing and matching different chairs may sound a little intimidating, but in reality, it’s very easy to pull off. With the unlimited range of attractive modern style chairs to choose from, the only thing you need is to pick a shared element that ties them together. Keeping a single feature of the chairs consistent while varying the others is the best strategy for nailing the mix-and-match look. Here are some great formulas that work.

Same Shape, Different Colours

The best way to create a modern eclectic space is by using modern style chairs in a multitude of colours. Complementary colour schemes work well when you want to add drama. To create this look, use two colours from opposite ends of the colour wheel, like for instance red and green. If you want your room to have a more subtle feel, try using a gradation of the same colour from one shade to another.

Different Shapes, Same Colour

Another stylish formula for mixing and matching is to use different types of chairs in the same colour. Just like the trend in bridesmaids’ dresses, this method helps create a uniform look that still has some individuality to it. A time-saving option is to find chairs that you like and have them painted in a colour of your choosing.

Use Accent Chairs

If you already have an arranged set but want to mix it up a little, you can try adding brand new chairs on the ends of the table. You can pick ones that are entirely different from the rest of the set in both colour and design and still have a balanced look. While your matching set helps create consistency, the different chairs can function as accents that make your dining room pop.

Neutrals Always Work

If you’re really in a hurry and don’t have much time to find chairs in the exact same colour or with the exact same shape – just go totally random. But when I say random, I don’t mean over the top. Just stick to wooden chairs in neutral colours such as white, black, grey and brown. Neutrals are always a great idea when mixed together.