February 04, 2020 / by Emma Jones

Ever felt like your performance at work as well as your job satisfaction have seen better days? It could take some time to find the reason behind this however if you find yourself lacking productivity and ending up with aches and pains after work, chances are you’re in need of some changes with the work environment, preferably with the desk setup.

steelcase ergo monitor arm

I’m saying this because more often than not it’s the lack of ergonomics that impacts your well-being, productivity, as well as your confidence, which is why it’s so important to take it seriously. Nowadays when there are various ergonomic items such as the various types of ergo monitor arm created specifically for the office environments and the like, it’s easy and affordable to find the right pieces to make the best use of your desk layout.

What are the advantages of monitor arm?

fully armed ergo monitor arm

Whether you work with two monitors or a single one, it’s not a problem because there are single and dual models available for different arrangements, and best of all is they’re compatible with both regular desks and Vertilift Pro, heavy and lightweight monitors alike, available in post, spring, wall and rail types. A word of caution when buying is to check for VESA compatibility and look into the pattern sizes.

If you haven’t made such an investment before, you might be wondering are monitor arms worth it, and the simple answer is yes, they are. The many benefits they provide are a great example as to why this is so, starting from the most important one, that of comfort.

Say Bye to Discomfort

best standing desk for 2020 ergo monitor arm

Having in mind many of us work in front of monitor screens most of the day, be it of a PC, laptop, or tablet, it’s only natural to end up feeling some neck and back discomfort or eyestrain. This is exactly where an ergo monitor arm proves to be efficient, reducing the chances for such discomfort by allowing you to adjust the monitor in a position that doesn’t cause aches, pains or strain.

Without the arm, there’s no doubt the monitor is stuck in a position that’s either higher or lower than the ideal for you, which is looking straight without being forced to look high or down, and the result is having a strain on your neck when you struggle to look at it from a specific angle.

perfect day at office with ergo monitor arm

The same goes for the back, and more often than not we don’t even realise we’re sitting in a bad posture, be it slouching, leaning forward or reaching out, for hours on end before it’s too late and we end up with a serious back pain that disrupts with our quality of life, not just the quality of work.

Though working on a computer while sitting at the desk doesn’t seem like the most dangerous workplace, it still doesn’t mean there are no injuries, and the repetitive strain injuries being the most common at this kind of workspace with trends like hot-desking speaks volumes about it.

steelcase ergo monitor arm

Eyestrain is another problem you’d easily be able to avoid with this ergonomic aid, keeping the monitor at an arm’s length from your eyes, and at a slight tilt with the top which isn’t possible with a monitor stuck in a position too close or too far for you. It should come as no surprise many workers without the suitable ergonomic aids aren’t strangers to daily eye fatigue and dryness.


adjustable ergo monitor arm in the office

There have been various studies by now proving the benefits of standing while working, but fact is anything exaggerated can be bad, including standing so the ideal would be to alternate between sitting and standing, every hour or so at least to make the most of both. This is also where the ergo monitor arm comes in handy, so whether you’re standing or sitting, the monitor is always going to be in the comfortable position.

Increased Productivity

As soon as you welcome a monitor arm in the workplace, you’re going to notice an immediate increase in your focus and productivity. This is a no-brainer when discomfort is out of the picture, and not only would you be able to improve your work, you’d also be able to finish it quicker, without distractions – even better when you add in a second monitor, spreading your work on two screens and reducing the need for multiple tabs on a single screen.

making perfect work atmosphere with ergo monitor arm

On a plus side, you’d manage to free up some desk space and eliminate clutter, the other kind of distraction. Besides, when there’s less of a chance for work-related injuries, claims and paid leaves, and there’s a boost in efficiency, it goes without saying the addition of monitor arms is at the benefit of the companies too, not just the employees.