May 08, 2023 / by Danny Mavis

If you’re the proud owner of a trusty D22 Nissan Navara who likes spending time behind the wheel, there’s a good chance that you’ve already considered installing a bonnet protector on it. If you haven’t actually installed it yet though, the question is – why haven’t you?

Make no mistake: it doesn’t matter if they’re from short off-road jaunts or long highway excursions, the accumulation of dents and dings on your bonnet from flying debris are much more than an unwanted eyesore. Any impact that’s deep enough to penetrate your clear or basecoat, is also enough to give dirt, moisture, and other contaminates the chance to slowly start delaminating all the paint off your bonnet.

An aftermarket bonnet protector gives your front end a fighting chance against all the environmental factors that are working against it. However, if you’re still not fully convinced that you need one, let’s take an even closer look at what they have to offer.

Get the Perfect Bonnet Protection for Your Nissan Navara

Let’s be honest: while there are a lot of exterior accessories that you can add to your truck, a custom-fitting aftermarket Nissan Navara D22 bonnet protector is one of only a handful that is meant specifically to protect your vehicle without ruining its natural profile or obstructing your vision. With a high-quality protector, bonnet damage doesn’t have to be an unavoidable part of owning or driving a truck, especially if you don’t always drive on perfect roads.


Sturdy, impact-modified 2.5mm acrylic is the starting point for these durable Navara bonnet protector accessories. They’re affordable, and they’re designed to deflect a complete range of obstacles that you might encounter when you’re driving, on or off-road, including:

  • Stones and pebbles that can cause damage by making a sudden impact;
  • Branches and brambles that can scratch and gouge their way your paint; and,
  • Bugs and other organic materials with acidic chemicals that can eat through your paint.

And it’s no coincidence that the effectiveness of these stylish, low-profile protectors is a perfect match for how cleanly they follow the contours of the leading edge of your D22’s bonnet. They work well because their fit is impeccable; and with availability in either clear or UV-resistant smoke tint, even though their look is unmistakably custom, it’s a look that compliments the D22 perfectly.

Time to Put Windscreen Damage Behind You   

While the benefits of aftermarket bonnet protectors are ordinarily geared towards making leading-edge dings and scrape a thing of the past, the fact that they also protect your windscreen from costly damages is an upside that typically goes unmentioned.

Any article of debris that’s large enough to damage your bonnet is likely to be large enough to do impact damage to your windscreen that could dangerously hamper your vision. Even driving into the wind or following too closely while you’re on the beach can become the equivalent of sandblasting your windscreen as well as your bonnet.

Depending on where and how you drive, the airflow that’s created by a Nissan Navara bonnet protector can guard your windscreen, and your vehicle’s overall roadworthiness, by:

  • Repelling rocks and gravel that are large enough to cause cracks;
  • Deflecting dangerously abrasive sand and grit; and,
  • Prevent turbulence-induced build-ups of dirt, grime, and sediment.

In short, an aftermarket Navara D22 bonnet protector can save you the time and money of having a costly windscreen repair made. It’s an investment in your vehicle’s roadworthiness and its value.

Simple, No-Contact Mounting Help Keep Your Bonnet at Its Best  

Mounting an aftermarket bonnet protector to your D22 is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. There’s no cutting, drilling, or special tools required, and all the necessary clips and fasteners come complete with the protector.

Installation involves simply aligning the protector with the bonnet, replacing the OE clips on the underside of the bonnet with the fittings supplied with the kit, and then securing it into position using the kit’s plastic fasteners. The protector resides slightly above the bonnet so there’s no direct contact between them, and you’re able to clean your vehicle and bonnet protector without damaging either.

Bonnet Protector Combo Sets That are Ideal for Your Entire Front End  

If you like the leading-edge value that bonnet protectors have to offer, then you’re also going to appreciate the advantage you have of either purchasing them individually, or in combo sets that contain the Nissan Navara bonnet protector, Nissan Navara weathershields, and a pair of clear Nissan Navara headlight protectors.


Sleek, precision-machined weathershields let you enjoy the fresh air while you’re driving, with the added benefits of:

  • No deafening wind buffeting or resonance when you open a window;
  • No excessive cross ventilation from opening more than one window; and,
  • No rain, dust, or excessive road noise entering from any opened window.

These visors are made from the same 2.5mm UV-resistant acrylic that bonnet protectors are; and with their pressure sensitive 3M adhesion, they don’t require any cutting or drilling to install.

Clear, long-lasting headlight protectors round out the range of high-quality combos that are available with both Navara D22 and Navara D40 bonnet protector sets, and they provide you with the same rugged, impact-modified protection for your expensive headlights as you’ll have for your bonnet and windscreen. They’re also held in position with non-abrasive mechanical fasteners, which means you can always mount and remount them at your convenience without ever altering your vehicle’s factory sheet metal. 

The Final Word

At the end of the day, a bonnet protector may be one of the simplest accessories you can add to your truck, but it’s one of the most advantageous too. And with looks that are as good as they perform, it’s easy to see why they’re also one of the Navara’s most popular accessories, inside or out.  

If you haven’t done it already, now’s the time to seriously consider mounting a Nissan Navara D22 bonnet protector on your truck. It’s the affordable protection you want, that’s going to help you retain the value and reliability of your Navara.