July 05, 2017 / by Emma Jones

Refined sugar proudly dwells on the top of the list of the most damaging ingredients found in the modern diet and for a good reason too. Obesity, for instance, occurs mostly due to the overconsumption of processed foods loaded with sugar. Apart from being a number one cause of overweight issues, refined sugar is also the greatest enemy of dental health. When sugar comes into contact with the normal bacteria in your mouth, it triggers the production of harmful that attack the enamel of your teeth, thus causing tooth decay. Diseases such as diabetes and hypoglycaemia often occur due to excessive sugar consumption.


As more and more people become aware of the negative health effects of sugar, there is a growing tendency to replace it with more natural and healthier alternatives such as xylitol. This is a product that tastes much like sugar, but it contains a lot less calories, and more importantly it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. It’s available in granular, powdered and liquid forms and it can be added to all kinds of foods and drinks. Unlike some other natural sweeteners, xylitol doesn’t have a bitter after-taste and gives your foods and drinks a deliciously sweet taste.

Due to its structure, that is the same as that of sugar, a granular xylitol 2Kg packaging is often used in the preparation of pastries and other baked deserts, since there is no need to make any adjustments in the measurements. This means that a package of xylitol 2Kg comes with all the sweetness of sugar minus the health risks. Xylitol falls in the category of sugar alcohols and small amounts of it are found in many fruits and vegetables. The sweet taste of many sugar free sweets, chewing gums and candies comes from xylitol, which is often used in many oral care products as well.

Xylitol contains no fructose and therefore won’t rise insulin levels. Furthermore, while the glycemic index of refined sugar is 60-70, xylitol has a glycemic index of only 7. All this makes this natural sweetener the ideal sugar alternative for people who have diabetes or deal with obesity or some other metabolic problem. Including xylitol in your daily diet can bring many benefits for your dental health. It can aid the development of strong and healthy teeth by enhancing the absorption of calcium in the digestive system.

To sum it all up, with a natural sugar replacement such a xylitol there really isn’t one solid reason why we should keep consuming refined sugar and make every sweet experience bitter (health-wise).