August 30, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

In a world where (rain)forests are chopped down to make room for more factory farms, residential buildings and skyscrapers, the sight of greenery is a rare one. Yes, city parks do exist, but as much as they are beautiful and well taken care of, not every single person among us has the chance to visit them as often as desired. Many people’s homes are too far away from those urban oases of ours, so in order to be able to connect with Mother Nature on a daily basis, they decide to turn their outdoor space into a home for plenty of plants. Ah, yes, gardens are truly cherished and loved by most people, for they offer us a solace beyond compare. Oh, sometimes food, too.

There is no doubt that gardening is a pleasure like no other, but it is one that can easily be ruined by the always hungry caterpillars, cutworms and all kinds of beetles. How dare they attack our precious raised bed full of fruit and vegetable plants? Something must be done to protect the health of our growing edibles and decorative flowers, and quickly. However, the urgency of the pest problem doesn’t justify the usage of toxic sprays as a way to overcome this unpleasant situation, especially not today when there is a thing called organic pest control.

Eco – fungicide sprays, organic botanical insecticides and environment-friendly plant oils are only some of the wide selection of simple but extremely effective products for organic pest control. When it comes to dealing with our garden’s unwelcome visitors, these amazing, yet inexpensive pest solutions should be everyone’s first and only choice. It is so because they can help us get rid of the destructive insects without harming us and/or the environment, which is certainly not the case with standard pest control products.

Standard pesticides contain a dangerously large number of poisonous chemicals that can affect our health. Numerous studies serve as a proof of the hazardous nature of regular pesticides, showing that they can cause headaches, nausea, eye irritation, even cancer and reproductive harm. Unfortunately, their negative impacts don’t end here. Experts claim that chemical pesticides stay in Earth’s atmosphere, in the soil and in surface and ground waters long after they serve their purpose, thus polluting the environment.

Those are the strongest reasons so many eco-conscious gardeners would rather spend their time preparing natural plant sprays than spend their money on toxic pest control methods. Luckily, they don’t have to do neither, for the market is filled with green pest control solutions.