August 25, 2016 / by Emma Jones

It is a well-known fact that refined sugar is a vital ingredient in many products today. But although its sweet addictive flavour can make your morning coffee or tea taste a whole lot better, this tasty addictive ingredient can have rather harmful effects to your overall health. Many people enjoy the heavenly sweet flavour of cakes, cookies and candies, ice-cream without knowing that excessive sugar can be toxic and cause a number of diseases. Refined sugar only adds more calories to your food and contains no essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals or proteins. Therefore, you get no nutritional benefits and on top of that you are at a risk of developing serious conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Therefore, the best way to protect your overall health is to eliminate sugar from your menu. All this may seem like a difficult thing to do, but with strong will and a good sugar substitute you are bound to make it. Introducing – organic stevia.

Being a completely natural sweetener, stevia has a delicious flavour similar to that of sugar but without the negative effects. This healthy sweetener is extracted from the plant called stevia rebaudiana which was discovered in Paraguay centuries ago. The extremely sweet leaves of the plant were traditionally used for making tea as well as for adding more flavour to different beverages. Nowadays organic stevia Australia retailers offer this natural sweetener in many different forms. It usually comes in white extract powder but you can also buy liquid stevia as well as dried stevia leaves. Although it has a similar taste to sugar, the raw leaves have much sweeter taste which means that a very small amount of stevia can easily satisfy your sugar cravings.

Besides being the perfect sugar alternative, this natural product is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. The various products you can find in organic stevia Australia stores are rich in antioxidants, fibre and proteins. Also, unlike sugar which can often lead to obesity, with stevia you really don’t have to worry about your weight as it contains no calories whatsoever. As we already mentioned, excessive sugar can spike blood sugar levels and cause diabetes. Incorporating this natural sweetener in your diet on the other hand, can help you keep blood sugar levels under control. Besides, this product is completely safe for diabetics and can be the perfect sugar alternative in their diet. Another great thing about organic stevia is that it can help you maintain your oral health in optimum condition. It prevents bacteria from invading the cavity and it reduces the risk of gingivitis, cavities and other conditions that damage the teeth.