November 04, 2016 / by Emma Jones

When it comes to making plans for an upcoming weekend that would involve the wider family, a lot of people tend to raise their hands and just give up. It’s impossible to fulfil everybody’s desires and still keep the family fun spirit and general idea of spending quality time together. For quite some time I was dealing with the same issue, until I realised that the best way to pull this off is to take everyone on a rather remote place in the mountains and organize a camping trip. I know that to teenagers the idea of spending their precious time with their parents and uncles isn’t exactly appealing, but I am a strong believer in family cohesion and I am deadly serious about keeping it strong.

So, camping. It’s easy to organize a camping trip for 2 people, but for more than 4 it’s a project. Besides the tents, the sleeping bags and lights, you’d need to get a lot of food, drinks and all the accompanying equipment for preparing it. It sounds easy, but the catch here is that you won’t be home, therefore you can’t act like it. You need to adapt your ways to the new environment where nothing is easy and time is so limited. That means, you can’t just pack your precious porcelain dishes and nice glasses, nor you can use your heavy cooking pots. It’s too much effort and need for attending, and you aren’t going camping to exhaust yourself, right?


That’s why, I searched for something that fits the purpose just right and I found special camping cookware that is designed for cooking in challenging conditions. Made of nickel and stainless steel, these camping cookware products make cooking in the wilderness quite easy. And the best thing is that they’re versatile in their design and purpose, so one pot can serve for both cooking and eating from it. This saved me much packing space and offered me so much convenience as I didn’t have to wash an entire army of dishes in the middle of nowhere.

Another important thing not to forget is the first-aid kit. You’d be quite far from the city and all hospitals, so it’s good to be well prepared for any kind of worst-case scenario. You don’t want anyone ending up with a wound of any kind and complicate things more. Also, you’d be in the wilderness, so danger would probably be lurking from everywhere.

Finally, don’t allow it to be a boring experience – make sure everyone participates in all camping activities so that they don’t feel like all they have to do is eat and sleep. Camping is demanding, which is why it’s best done in a large group.