October 21, 2016 / by Emma Jones

Ah the joys of warm days and summer! Once the sun peeks from behind the clouds – it is crystal clear – it is time for us Australians to do what we know best and love doing most. Get the outdoor lounge, sofa, sun bed and umbrella out, call for a family get-together and soak up the sun rays. Relaxation at its finest!

Just create a picture in your mind; you and your gals in bikinis, your favourite summertime deep vocal music playing on a rather high volume, a couple of floaties in the pool to have fun with and positive vibes all around! The perfect way to survive a hot summer’s day.

Or, a pleasant Sunday afternoon bonding with your family over dinner under the blue skies, sinking in the layers of comfort of your outdoor settings. The choices for unwinding and spreading positivity are limitless, there’s just one thing defining your choice – the space available. It all comes down to your surroundings and the way your outdoor space is organized. Let’s take a look at a couple ideas on how to bring your outdoor area to a superior level. Inspire yourself and get to work!

Now related to the mental picture of you having the time of your life by the poolside, a simple and contemporary outdoor setting will only up the fun. Add a coffee table and a few chic chairs which will serve as the “get-together, drink up the coffee, chit chat and chillax” point. Get ones made of aluminium so they withstand the often times harsh sun rays. In addition to this, if you still have space, it would be a great idea to add an outdoor sun lounge (or a couple of them) where you can lay back and rest from swimming. On the plus side, you will get to work on your tan too. The perfect win-win combo.

As for those occasions when you want to be somewhat more formal and eat decently, dining outdoor settings are your ally to creating the wanted ambiance. Choose a material that will enhance rather than compete with the natural surroundings and will look laid-back and elegant at the same time. Wicker and aluminium are great materials to consider as these are durable enough to withstand different weather elements while at the same time enhancing your space with their great looks.

Bottom line is, there is a huge variety of outdoor settings to choose from, so decide how you want your space to look upfront and find those exact pieces of furniture and accessories to make your dream come true. Sometimes happiness is in the small things, so stop waiting and decorate your space your way. Make yourself proud!