October 05, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

With movement restrictions across the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, taking care of your pet’s health can get difficult these days. Aussies love their pets, so whether you’re a new dog, cat or bird parent, taking care of an aquarium of fish or you’re a proud horse owner, getting the pet supplies needed can be a real challenge at times. That being said, here are a few tips on how buying pet products online can make things easier for you and your pets.

Benefits of Buying Pet Supplies Online

There are many reasons why pet owners take advantage of purchasing pet supplies from an online pet store. During the coronavirus pandemic it’s a good idea to stock up on pet food and supplies, but buying them online has other benefits as well.

More Quality Time & Convenience

When buying pet supplies online, we get an opportunity to spend more time with our pets. There is no more driving around to the pet shop and looking for specific products. Instead, we can turn those hours into quality time with our furry friends. Many pet owners consider shopping online convenient as they can focus on their household, especially if living in a busy household with kids or taking care of multiple pets. You can buy food and health supplements, as well as toys and grooming products that not only keep pets healthy but save you a lot of time and effort and offer a stimulating environment and proper exercise for your pets, keeping them active and entertained.

Variety of Choice

When purchasing pet products online you can choose from a variety of products available. This is beneficial for people that live in the cities, as well as for people that reside in rural areas. You can find products for dogs and cats, different bird breeds, fish, small animals, farm animals, even helpful supplies to preserve the wildlife and take care of wild animals in need.


Always look for specials when shopping online. It will help you get discounts and best deals on different pet products, but also let you know how competitive the website is.

Tips for Buying Pet Supplies Online

Pet care is a commitment that requires patience and attention. Before going to an online pet shop, you should know how to find high quality pet supplies and here are some tips that can make your experience easier and simple and bring joy to your pet once the items get delivered.

Check Product Information

Always make sure to look for information on product details and ingredients when buying pet supplies. A trustworthy pet store will provide all information needed for any selected product.

Consider Balanced Nutrition

When looking for vitamins or supplements online, as an additive to your pet’s food, keep in mind that it needs to be well balanced. They’re not a diet in itself and will not make up for a portion of quality pet food. For that matter, it’s better to invest in a quality diet and buy supplements in order to keep your pet healthy and make up for any nutritional deficiencies.

Consult Dosage Levels with Your Vet

The dosage levels of these products are very important. Even though vitamins and supplements are essential nutrients for pets, elevated doses can cause potential health issues in some pets. For that reason, it’s recommendable to consult your vet first and then choose the right product and the nutrient levels.

Refund Policy

Once you have it all selected, check out shipping terms, packaging details and refund policy. All this information will help you understand the website services and credibility of the online shop. Additionally, you can go through the reviews and look at other customers’ experiences and feedback.

Essential Pet Products You Can Purchase Online

Pets bring joy and fun into our daily routine and the least we can do is treat them with love and care. That’s why it’s necessary to select some of the essential pet products wisely and make their lives easier and happier.

Pet Food and Treats

It’s not a good idea to wait until your pet’s down to its last can or you’re serving the last bowl of kibble, so always make your order in time. You can stock up pet supplies on a month or two, so you will not have to worry about running out of pet food in a certain period of time.

Food and Water Bowls – There is a variety of food bowls to choose from, whether you prefer stainless steel that are easy to clean, ceramic ones that are hard to be moved around the floor, slow feeder bowls for fast eaters, or maybe automatic bowls for cats or dogs. Pets need to have free access to water unless there is certain veterinary advice applying to an individual pet’s health. Setting up several drinking stations around your living space will keep your pet hydrated all the time.

Flea and Tick Preventives

Fleas and ticks seize every opportunity to attack pets and they’re most active as the weather warms. Therefore, keeping flea and tick preventive at hand is important and will protect your furry friends and you and your family as well.


Keep your pet’s hygienic needs in mind and purchase grooming waste-removal supplies according to your pet’s needs. You can select toothbrush, nail clippers, hair removal combs and brushes, shampoos and conditioners, grooming clippers and blades, glooming gloves, scissors, cleaning supplies and disinfectants, cat litter, odor removal items and more.

Pet Toys

Interactive toys will keep your dog and/or cat entertained and engaged in-game, so you can focus on completing your tasks. These include balls, toys with treats, fishing poles and teasers, wands, toys for playing a game of fetch and a lot more.

Pet Bed and Bedding

Depending on the nature and size of your pet you can choose its bed and bedding to ensure better sleep for your pet. A cosy bed will provide your pet’s sleeping comfort, as well as a designated area where they can feel safe and secure whenever they need a rest.

Collars and ID Tags

Even if your pet is microchipped, wearing a collar and an ID tag with the owner’s name and address can be very helpful and lifesaving sometimes, especially if your pet’s training is not fully completed.