July 29, 2016 / by Emma Jones

Getting a new pet can be one of the most exciting times in your life, taking care of your pet with no experience, however, can be really stressful. It is important that you know what basic pet supplies you will need if you are getting a cat or dog. For more exotic animals you might need to do a little more research. Not only will having the right supplies make taking care of your pet a lot easier but it will also help you make sure that your pet is happy, healthy and content. Pet supplies are easy to find and there are plenty of stores you can also easily buy pet supplies online. Here’s a list of things you’ll need for your new furry friend.

pets bed


Just like humans, animals want a nice place to rest when they are tired. There are so many options to consider when you are looking for a good bed. You should aim to buy a bed that is made from natural materials to keep any allergies or sensitive skin at bay. A bottom that stops sliding around is another thing you should look for. You will also need a removable cover so you can regularly clean it easily. There are two main types of beds – donut shaped which is great for dogs and cats that curl up or a futon style bed for dogs who like to spread out.

Collar & Lead

A collar and ID tag is essential so you can walk your dog as well as have strangers identify them. When looking to buy pet supplies online, you’ll notice there is a huge range of collars but you should base your choice on how big your dog is. You will also need a lead if you want to walk your dog. It is vital for their comfort, discipline and safety. They let you train your dog and keep them close or as far as you want but they are vital to their safety. A harness is another great choice if you have a big dog that lunges forward a lot. Instead of constricting the neck, the pressure is spread widely out saving your dog from injury and also making it easier for you to control.


You will need two good bowls for both water and food. There are three main types of materials that bowls are made from.
Plastic which lasts a long time but if your dog likes to chew things, might not be the best choice.
Ceramic is heavy and stable but they have open holes meaning that you need to clean them on a daily basis.
Stainless steel which seems to be the number one choice. They are durable and most come with rubber on the bottom to stop the bowl from sliding around.


You need to establish grooming early so your dog learns to enjoy it. There are a few different types of brushes and you should base which one you use depending on your dogs coat. A bristle brush is great for almost any coat and it’s pretty universal. A wire pin brush is great for long hair dogs but not great for short hair dogs. A slicker brush is great for getting tangles out of your dog’s coat without pulling. A de-shedder brush is great for those dogs who malt regularly and makes getting rid of hair a breeze.

Bug Control

When I say bugs, I am referring to worms, ticks and fleas of course! It is your job to keep parasites that can plague your furry friend under control. There are so many different ways to keep all of these at bay. Different medications, collars, shampoos – the list is pretty endless. It is completely up to you how you do so, just make sure whatever you choose suits the size your dog is.


While some people may feel these are not a necessity, they totally are. How else are you going to keep your pet entertained? Having a ball can turn boring walks into something fun for both you and your pet. There are so many different toys and some have been designed to do more than be entertaining. There are bone toys that have been designed to clean your dog’s teeth and so much more.