September 22, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

Work environments where there is busy vehicular traffic and workers have to perform tasks using heavy duty machinery call for reinforced safety measures. Using high visibility (HV) clothing is one of the basic methods of precaution that workers at construction sites, warehouses and other industrial facilities are required to take so as to prevent accidents and maintain a great level of safety. According to Australia’s Work Health and Safety Regulations companies are obliged to invest in high visibility workwear, also know as personal protective equipment (PPE). The work clothing should be designed to minimize the risk of accidents and fatalities and be suitable for the work environment where it is being used. To provide the best protection, PPE should be the correct size and fit for the worker wearing it.

PPE should be maintained, cleaned and repaired regularly to ensure optimum working condition at all times. It consists of specifically designed clothing pieces including safety jackets, gloves, googles, ear plugs, protective hats, safety shoes, etc. Each pieces should be made from durable materials that protect against work-related injuries, while at the same time are comfortable to wear. What pieces you should use largely depends on the nature of your job and the specific conditions you’re working in. For instance, in work environments like warehouses and construction sites where the use of heavy machinery, forklifts and trucks is a common practice all workers must wear high visibility jackets. This is of utmost importance since workers who don’t wear them are less likely to be seen by a forklift operator or a truck driver and in worst case scenario be hit or run over and get seriously injured. As an essential piece of PPE, safety jackets for sale are reflective and have the purpose to enhance visibility and help prevent accidents at the workplace.

All safety jackets for sale should be made from flexible retro-reflective material that can come in a range of fluorescent colours including yellow, orange, white, red or yellow green. They are available in various designs that have different features and purposes. Some models are made to be worn during the day, while others are better suited for night time use. Totally reflective jackets are designed to improve visibility both at daylight and during night time working hours. They feature a protective vest that can have either horizontal or vertical stripes sewn into it and both the vest and the strips are made from a highly reflective material. In some jacket models only the strips are made to be reflective. In this type of safety jackets the vest is made from a durable material coloured in a vibrant hue that provides daytime visibility, while the stripes are made from a reflective fabric that casts a shiny glow when exposed to sunlight or some other light source.