September 15, 2020 / by Emma Jones

Small touch-ups can breathe new life into your home. If you feel like your interior design is outdated or you’re simply bored with the current aesthetic, you don’t have to redecorate the place from scratch, instead, you should consider buying poof furniture. Poufs and ottomans have magical powers to make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Just like a magician uses the words “presto changeo” to transform objects, you can use a pouf seating to quickly transform your home. If you’re wondering what is the purpose of a poof and what can you do with it, get ready to be amazed because this bundle of fluff isn’t joking around.

Poufs as Decorations

As you may already know, a brand new, stylish accent piece can give your crib a completely new vibe. Many interior designers and decorators suggest using bold chairs as accent pieces to add depth, dimension and texture to a room, but if you run on a tight budget, already own a statement piece or don’t have enough space this can be a problem. However, you shouldn’t worry because pouffes come to the rescue.

Poufs and ottomans can also serve as delightful focal points and you won’t have to break the bank in order to buy them. Even the largest, most beautiful, pouf costs less than a basic accent chair. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy a stylish chair if that fits your budget; it means that your hands aren’t tied and you can have an awesome accent piece without spending a fortune.

living room with sofa bed and pouf

Moreover, you can use pouffes to layer furniture and accessories like a pro. Interior designers use this trick to create interest and to add dimension. So, if you already own an accent piece, use a pouf to complement the look and make it even more noticeable.

Pouffes are great, practical decorations if you’re working with smaller space as well. They won’t make your room feel cluttered, you can always move them here and there without pulling a muscle and they’ll go easy on your pinky toes when you stumble upon them.

The best thing about pouffes as decorations is that they can stand out, blend in or complement your design. This is because poufs are hugely versatile pieces of furniture that come in various shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and textures.

You can mix and match authentic, Moroccan, leather pouffes with different styles from boho to conventional interior designs to create a rich and exotic feel. Hand-stitched pouffes might have natural flaws and colour variations that become even more beautiful over time. Or you can add an instant luxury vibe with a sophisticated ottoman made from oversized cedar aniline leather with diamond button details.

Square or round, fuzzy or sleek, big or small – there’s a pouf for everyone’s taste. But what can you do with a pouf besides using it as a decoration?

modern leather sofa bed for living room with decorative pillows, with white and gray rug and pouf

Pouffes as Comfy Seats

There’s something about sitting on the ground that feels homey and pleasant. However, this can break havoc on your lower back and make your legs fall asleep, both of which are very uncomfortable. Pouffes offer the same casual form of lounging, but unlike floor sitting, they are extremely comfortable and allow for good posture. When you sit on a pouffe you’re not putting pressure on your legs which is the reason for that sudden pins-and-needles sesh. Moreover, with your hips being slightly elevated off the floor, you’re lessening the pressure on your back muscles, discs and nerves.

Even if you don’t regularly use your pouffe for sitting, it makes a great extra seat when you’re having guests over. Plus, you can always bring it with you anywhere you go, be it another room, your outdoor area or your next camping adventure.

Pouffes that Double as Tables and Footrests

Pouf seats aren’t just for seating; they make awesome side tables and footrests. You can place your pouf beside your armchair or sofa and display your favourite decorations or use it as a nightstand to keep your essential items at arm’s reach. Pouffes are better than coffee tables because as soon as you need extra seating, poof – you got it!

You can also use a pouf to upgrade your favourite seating. Opt for a smaller one and place it in front of your armchair or sofa and enjoy your new relaxing recliner.

black pouf and grey sofa bed with pillows, table and rug

What Is the Best Filling for a Pouf?

Many pouffes are sold unstuffed and you should know that the filling is equally if not more important than the covers. Pouffes, unlike ottomans and hassocks, don’t have wooden or metal construction underneath the covers, so the filling is what holds up the cushion’s shape. If you use the wrong materials, the pouf might not hold up well against your body weight and you’ll often need to readjust the shape.

You can stuff your Moroccan pouffe with textile surpluses such as old rags, clothes and linen to achieve the desired firmness. This filling is more solid and quite heavy, so you won’t have to worry about your pouf losing its shape.

If you want a fluffier effect, use wool, but this is a more expensive option. Wool allows for a more even filling than textile surpluses while still being incredibly solid and form-retaining.

You can also, use shredded foam which is lighter and cheaper than the fillings mentioned above, but you need to stay away from low-quality foams. Shredded PU foam is the best way to go if you want to avoid sagging issues. It offers great support and comfort and will give your pouf a nice, round shape.

Avoid using EPS bean bag filling because there are claims that polystyrene contains toxic and carcinogenic substances such as Styrene and Benzene which are dangerous for humans. Although these claims haven’t been backed up by health authorities, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now that you know everything there’s to know about pouffes, hop on your computer and find some stylish pouffes for sale!