June 09, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

While with the pandemic the enthusiasm for home changes has been decreasing in Australia and New Zealand, according to statistics, home renovation is still a huge industry, with homeowners spending an incredible amount of money every year on renovations (reaching amounts like $1.5 billion in previous years). With bigger renovations, which entail more work, as well as spending more money, such as a bathroom or kitchen renovations, or changing the flooring or the wall-coverings, the most important thing – aside from finding what you really like, and will enjoy looking at ­– is to make sure that the choice you make is long-lasting.

Lately, vinyl products have been becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners both as a flooring option and as a wall-covering option, and for many different, and very good reasons. The way you cover your floors and walls is very important for many reasons, not the least of which is the overall look and comfort of your home. Walls and floors provide your entire home with a backdrop, bringing everything you incorporate into your interior décor together in one beautiful composition. And vinyl offers beauty, and so much more than that.

Vinyl Flooring

People across the world are turning to vinyl flooring as an ideal floor solution for their homes. This is mostly because they are resilient and long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, comfortable, cost-effective, etc. If you are trying to find for a good flooring option for your home or your business place, an option that can stand up to all the challenges that floors usually face, there are many reasons why you should search for the best quality vinyl tiles NZ has to offer and start transforming your home into the paradise you deserve.

One of the characteristics that make vinyl floors such a valuable flooring solution for homes, is the fact that it’s simple to instal, as well as easy to maintain and clean. Vinyl comes in tiles, planks or sheets, and installation doesn’t take a lot of time and is quite easy, and you can either choose to remove the previous flooring or you can simply instal it on top of it. Removal is also much faster and easy than a lot of other types of floorings.

Source: builddirect.com

Because high-quality vinyl flooring is water-resistant and doesn’t stain easily, cleaning it is a piece of cake, and more importantly, it doesn’t take expensive cleaning products. With a few products, you already have at home you can take care of any spill, and keep your floors in perfect shape. This waterproof property is one of the reasons why homeowners buy vinyl tiles NZ wide because humidity and spills are probably the biggest enemies of your floors. Unlike other types of floors, vinyl floors are highly resistant to water damage, which is why they are perfect for homes, and especially rooms where spills are inevitable, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Furthermore, vinyl tiles are made of materials that are not only durable and resilient to high foot traffic but are also made to be comfortable on your feet. This is because they feature a layer of padding, which makes them softer and warmer than other flooring options. This also makes them safer, as they provide some cushioning for potential falls.

Nevertheless, most homeowners and interior designers love vinyl for its aesthetical value. Because of the huge advancement in technology, this flooring option can perfectly mimic almost any other floor, without being so costly. Namely, the upper layer of the vinyl tile, plank or sheet is photography, and it can look like ceramic tiles, hardwood floor, stone, marble, different colours and patterns, etc.

Vinyl Wallpapers

Source: homesthetics.ne

Wallpapers are a favourite amongst interior designs for decorating walls because they are a great way to add style and interest to any place. They are extremely versatile, with endless designs and colours, so they offer some incredible opportunities for decorating. There are many ways in which you can use wallpaper in your home’s interior, whether it’s to create feature walls, cover entire rooms, cover the back of bookshelves, decorate pieces of furniture, cover the ceiling, etc.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to materials, vinyl wallpapers come in all kinds of designs. Whether you like geometrical shapes, patterns, floral designs, neutral or bright colours, or even natural patterns such as grasscloth, you can find them made of vinyl.

Source: pepperfry.com

Although they aren’t made the same way, like vinyl flooring, vinyl wallpapers are a great solution for covering your walls because of their many properties which are desirable for wall coverings. Made either as a combination of a base (paper or fabric) and vinyl or entirely of vinyl, one of the biggest perks of vinyl wallcoverings is that they can be washed and wiped with water, which makes them easy to clean and maintain in perfect shape.

Furthermore, they are highly durable, because they are tear and scratch-resistant, and because they are water-resistant. This is why, if you are looking at wallpapers for your bathroom or your kitchen, to achieve some elegant and interesting style, for long-lasting and easily maintainable wall solution, you should definitely go with vinyl wallpapers.