February 05, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Freedom is priceless and you can feel that only when you hop in your van and drive anywhere you want without having to deal with schedules, bookings, or other things that restrict you and force you to follow rules. If your job is suffocating you with long working hours or you feel the urge to escape from the boring everyday life, you’re ready to explore.

And what better way to explore than setting a tent in nature, enjoying the stars and breathing fresh air? Camping is a wonderful way to bond with the people you love, get some rest from social media and go back to basics. However, setting a tent on the grass and sleeping there may not be the ideal scenario for most people. The weather won’t always be nice, there may be pests and insects, or simply you may lack comfort.

The best thing you can do in such cases (if you truly want to camp all year round) is to get a roof top tent. Here are some of the reasons why.

roof top camper


When your tent isn’t set on the ground, there is nothing to worry about while sleeping. You won’t have to be alerted every time something moves. Finally, you can sleep at peace knowing that those little critters, insects and other unwanted guests such as mice or snakes, won’t get inside your tent. Safety is crucial when camping, so a roof tent is surely going to provide you with that. Setting it on top of your vehicle (RV, van, or car) is a superb way to relax and sleep like a baby.

Comfort & Space

Roof top tents are more comfortable than regular ones. A roof top tent can be roomy enough so you can set an inflatable mattress where you can lie down and relax, without having to worry whether the terrain is even under your matters. Having a tent with thick and waterproof walls will keep you warm at night and protect you from the elements.

Great for Camping in Any Season

Who says that camping is reserved only for summer? If you’re planning to camp in a mountain area where the air is colder and the chances for rain or even snow are high, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a roof tent. The fact that your tent is elevated from the ground and is made of thick and waterproof walls is a sure way to stay warm. The ground will always contribute to the temperature inside the tent. This way you don’t have to worry whether it’s moist or not. Simply set the tent on your vehicle and relax.

rooftop tent

Easy to Set

Setting a tent can be a challenge; you will have to pull up to a campsite, find a flat surface, roll out your tent, set the poles, stake the tent and put on the rain flap… You get the picture. Now, if you went camping on Friday afternoon, all of this could occur in pitch-black dark. Why waste precious time when you can instead enjoy it. A roof tent is a far better alternative. It’s so much easier to set than a regular tent and you won’t have to seek for a flat and even surface since you already have it – your vehicle.

Great for Vans

If you have a van you know how great it is to have a small motor home. You can park it at the beach, near the woods, in the desert, just anywhere. Set a campfire, set the rooftop tent and enjoy your idyllic view. Roof top tents are ideal for vans – you can transform the roof into a bedroom and sleep under the stars. This is great as you can invite friends and enjoy your time together without being cramped. You can practically live the van life (check the hashtag on Instagram) without having to live inside the van. Do you like the place? Good, stay there. Did you dislike the area? Start the engine and drive off into your next adventure. The tent doesn’t even have to be removed from the roof of your vehicle. No more dealing with packing and unpacking – it’s as simple as that.