July 06, 2016 / by Emma Jones

You feel like you have found the love of your life, but you are afraid that with time, the magic will be all gone and your relationship will turn sour and start going south. If this can be considered a grain of comfort, you are not the only one feeling this way. We are all afraid of experiencing a weak, unhealthy relationship that will drain all the positive vibe and eventually leave us with a broken heart.

Good news is that there are few effective ways to keep a love relationship strong, healthy and satisfying. If this got you interested, keep reading and boost your love & relationship knowledge with the following tips.

Stay involved with each other.

Start seeing your relationship like a real investment. The more you put in, the more you will get back. Lack of involvement and communication between partners creates distance. Do not conform just with a peaceful coexistence. What really matters is to build a relationship where both of you will be truly related to each other. Keep in mind that once the bridge of distance is built between you and your partner, connection and understanding will no longer be part of your relationship.


Learn how to get through conflict.

There are couples that tend to talk things and solve relationship problems quietly, but there are some that are more likely to raise their voices as a sign of passionate disagreement. The key for building an emotionally healthy and strong relationship is to not be conflict-fearful. Each of the partners should feel free to openly speak about the things that bother him/her, without expecting the sudden bite of discrimination and revenge. Relationship conflicts have to be solved without degradation, humiliation, passive-aggressive behavior and the need to prove yourself right to the other person all the time.

Keep your individual interests alive.

Sometimes, the person you are in a love relationship with won’t be able to meet all of your personal needs and interests, and that is totally fine. Expecting too much from your partner can create a feeling of pressure in the relationship, which is something you really do not need if you want to keep your relationship safe, strong and happy in the long run. There is nothing wrong to keep your personal interests alive, like for example, hanging out with friends and all other things you enjoy doing in your free time.

Do NOT stop communicating.

The core of every strong and healthy relationship lies in direct and honest communication. When both partners can freely express their needs, desires and fears, their mutual trust is strengthened.