February 02, 2018 / by Emma Jones

One would wonder how, after all this time of human evolution, there still hasn’t come up something less delicate and more permanent in place of our teeth. But of course what we lack in nature, we can take care of with the help of technology.

It’s exactly technology that has made it possible to get different dental issues fixed, so the dream of the perfect, dazzling smile is no longer just a dream, as celebrities aren’t the only ones who can get them.

Now, while before the thought of tooth extraction meant dealing with the unsightly absence of tooth, ruining your chances of smiling as often as you’d want to, or as wide, nowadays with the help of cost-efficient removable partial denture, it’s nothing to worry about.

The reason both dentists and people alike are in favor of this solution, even with the more advanced dental implants alternative, is because not everyone has the bone enough to have the implants fixed, so in that case it’s not necessarily they are the most stable variant, there are some people allergic to implants (even to titanium), and then there’s the lack of money, especially when there’s the need to get more than just a couple of implants.

Along with being cost-efficient, removable partial denture is very aesthetic. Relying on the use of latest technology, this sort of removable tooth clipped in place of a missing tooth is custom made, either as a mixture of metal and acrylic, or just acrylic, and as such you can count on getting the shape, size, and colour that would be the perfect match for your smile – that’s why it’s not easy to differentiate between partial dentures and natural teeth!

Though it may take you time to get comfortable wearing partial dentures, as they are secured with wings to the adjacent teeth, and feel like you don’t have as much biting force as they’re not fixed in place as implants are, they still make for a good, functional option for missing teeth.

As there’s no one and the same solution for everyone’s smile, in case you’re having some doubts, it’s advisable to mark the consultation, and have the talk with your dentist to decide on the best solution for you. It’s appeasing to know there are more ways than one to preserve your dental health, and keep on brightening the world with your smile. There’s never a smile too many!