April 16, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

If you drive too close to a parked vehicle with your Ford Courier, the first part that’s going to be damaged is probably your side mirror. Side mirrors are one of the most commonly damaged parts, but luckily, they’re quite affordable and easy to replace. Typically, side mirror replacements cost around a few hundred dollars for the part and labour, while you can expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $100 just for the part. You can find some even more affordable options by third party manufacturers, but that’s not usually what the dealership or the mechanic you leave the task to would use.

Replacing your Ford Courier mirrors is something that you can also do yourself to save some money. However, in some cases, replacing the side mirrors may require a part of the door to be taken apart, which is something that’s best left to a professional. Although seemingly unimportant parts, your Ford Courier mirrors feature multiple components that make them functional and aesthetically appealing. You may end up spending more money than necessary or find ways to save and get the same result. The price will greatly depend on the replacement you get, the extent of the damage, and the kind of vehicle you have.

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Further, you’ll also need to figure out what type of mirror you want, as automatic and manual models have different prices. Again, the extent of the damage is also a huge factor, so if there’s more damage to the vehicle besides the mirror, you’ll probably have to pay more. Regardless, driving without a side mirror is not only difficult and unsafe but it’s also illegal. Side mirrors are crucial to changing lanes safely, and a damaged unit will leave you partially blind when you’re on the road. If the unit is partially damaged and you can’t fix it properly immediately, just fasten it with some duct tape. If the glass is completely shattered, you can fasten a hand mirror until you have a professional fix it.

If you can repair it properly, however, you should look to do so right away. Not all side mirror damage requires a replacement though. A crack or a scratch here and there doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace the mirror, but if you can’t see out of it accurately and clearly, then you should definitely replace it. When taking your Ford Courier for servicing, the mechanic may notice that the mirror’s connection to the vehicle is starting to deteriorate. While this may not be an emergency repair, you should still consider replacing it soon.

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source: Ford Authority

Side mirror replacement is a pretty straightforward task. The old mirror is removed with a screwdriver or a socket wrench, and the replacement is installed in the same manner. If there is wiring or cables involved for connecting an automatic mirror, the process is going to be more complex. Additionally, some mirrors are integrated into other nearby components of your Courier. In some models, a significant portion of the door will need to be removed in order to properly install the mirror. If you intend on replacing it yourself, make sure you know what you’re doing before you commit to the task.

Oftentimes, the mirrors or nearby parts of your Courier may need to be repainted. Chances are, if your mirror was damaged, your vehicle is also scratched a bit and requires a small paint job. This can add to the cost of replacing the unit but it shouldn’t be a significant increase. If you’re doing everything yourself, you may need some special tools, such as a trim handle removal for removing the door handles and attaching the new cables, removing the door panels, etc.

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The best way to save the most money on a side mirror replacement is to buy the parts online and do the installation yourself. In most cases, this will save you a lot of bucks and time. However, some mirrors may require a specific socket wrench to be removed, while others may require you to remove other components from the vehicle. You can look up the installation process for your specific Ford Courier before you make a decision, but the matter remains – you’ll always save the most by buying the parts yourself. Keep in mind that some mechanics won’t allow you to bring in your own parts.

Before you purchase replacement Ford Courier side mirrors, make sure you’re buying a suitable replacement, and that the mechanic you intend on entrusting your ride allows you to use your own parts. Besides that, just find the most affordable mechanic you can for the task. As long as they’re using quality parts, it shouldn’t matter who does the replacement. It’s a pretty straightforward task, so most mechanics won’t have a problem taking care of it for you.