July 14, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

Moving can be both an exciting and unpleasant experience at the same time, something like an emotional roller coaster. At one moment you feel happy and excited for your new home, and then reality hits and you realize you have a million possessions to take to your new house. However, there is a way to make it an entirely happy process – moving companies. The main goal of a moving company is to accommodate your moving process. Most of them will have rental supplies and people that will guide you through the entire journey.

Some of the services rental companies provide are moving trucks, packing papers, wrap bubbles and moving boxes. While all of these are equally important, the most essential ones are probably the moving boxes. You’ve probably seen it in the movies when someone moves into a new neighborhood, they have a ton of card-board moving boxes loaded in a truck. These boxes can come in different sizes, each one appropriate for a different kind of valuables. They are specifically designed to be durable – which allows for item stacking without having to constantly worry about things falling over or breaking inside. Plus, they need to be waterproof – if it happens to rain or snow on the day of the moving, you won’t have to worry about your valuables being damaged.

When it comes to the size and purpose of moving boxes, we can break them down into a couple of categories.

Small Boxes

Small move boxes are designed to fit in your smallest possessions. Keep in mind that the smallest possessions are often the most valuable ones, like jewelry, books, silverware, etc.

Large Boxes

Large move boxes are used to fit larger items that cannot be fit into a small move box. You have to take into consideration though, that the more items you put in a box, the heavier it becomes and it can break the cardboard easier.

Mattress Box

These come in different sizes depending on the size of the mattress. Whether it’s a crib, twin, double, queen or king mattress, it doesn’t really matter, the right mattress box will protect your mattress from any damage.

Wardrobe Box

These boxes are usually large in size and feature a metal hanger bar so that you can hang your clothes on it, ensuring they stay wrinkle-free. Transferring your clothes from the closet to your box and back into the new closet will need basically no effort.

Kitchen Box

All your kitchen items go here – breakables like glassware, dishes, crystal and all other kitchenware will be safe and sound in these boxes. Dividers are used inside to provide additional protection for your items.