November 20, 2017 / by Emma Jones

Since as humans we tend to get bored sooner or later of our surroundings, we try to shake things up by adding new furnishings, or rearranging the ones we already have, without realising there’s a part of the home that could also do with some attention. The part that makes for a grand first impression, and separates our haven from the world outside is the front door of course.

So, how can one enhance both the appearance and security without changing the door itself? It’s simple: with the addition of security screens. Thanks to the use of latest technology, you can count on finding top notch screen doors tailored to your specifications exactly, be that with a sliding or hinged door – the perfect fit. You have the chance to choose from both the mesh variants, and marine grade stainless steel, which means you’d get the security your home requires; a sturdy screen can deter burglars from breaking in.

As I’ve mentioned before, you can improve the appearance of your home, increasing its curb appeal with the stylish screen doors. They can be found in different colours, finishes, and styles. Besides, they are customisable, so you have plenty of freedom with the customisation too, as for instance opting for the addition of a pet door enabling your pets to move freely in and out whenever they want. Along with this, security screens can double the value of your home, not just in appearance, making for grand entrances, but also with your home’s price so that’s a bonus if you ever get to sell; it’s a long-term investment.

Let’s not forget summer is coming, the time when all creepy crawlies of Australia decide to appear and make our living a nightmare. It’s hot and all you want is to get some fresh air, leaving the door wide open, but that means inviting all insects in – you probably know the feeling. Getting a screen door, you don’t have to worry about insects inside anymore, particularly if you pair that screening with the windows too.

Likewise, you protect your lovely home from all the debris, and twigs entering. Having the possibility to leave the door wide open would also help you with your home’s ventilation, enabling you to avoid the insupportable humid and warm environment inside, not leaving any chance for mould to grow, or other humid-loving allergens, plus you’d get to cut down on the cooling costs.