December 28, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Owning a pair of cool sunglasses can really add to your style, but did you know that their purpose is far beyond just being a stylish accessory? In fact, being exposed to UV radiation can permanently damage your eyelids, cornea, lens, retina and the surrounding skin over time. And as much as many people go for convenient alternatives such as upgrading their cars with auto sun shades or wearing sunscreen regularly, know that none of this protects your eyes as proper sunglasses.

Talking about sunglasses to protect your eyes, Serengeti has been in the industry for ages. Let’s learn a couple of interesting facts about this iconic brand.

Serengeti Manufacturing Advanced Sunglasses for Over 140 Years

Serengeti’s successful story began in 1877, hand by hand with Corning®, an optical laboratory and pioneer in glass technology. And it’s no wonder they managed to stay the ultimate leader on the sunglasses and lens market, as throughout the years, they have always been relying on innovation, research, and development in order to provide quality and performance.

Today, the brand is known for its remarkable wide range of contemporary Serengeti Drivers sunglasses, as well as aviator designs, that are made to deliver unmatched performance, and let you express your uniqueness, authenticity and style. Topped up with their unique lens designed with the finest raw materials, you can rest assured that your eyes are getting the proper protection they deserve while being in your most stylish variant.

serengeti sunglasses

What Does Serengeti Eyewear Have to Offer?

From their glamorous styles to their environmentally conscious designs – getting a pair of their eyeglasses is never a wrong idea. However, these models are much more than being your average piece of accessory you wear on a daily basis, as this brand’s innovative DNA will make sure that your eyes are covered with the latest technologies that are unique and exclusive to this brand.

Photochromic Technology

By wearing a pair of the photochromic Serengeti sunglasses, you can rest assured that your eyes are protected and receive the optimal amount of light they need at any time, and in all weather conditions. This technology is designed to adapt your lenses to any light condition and any light setting, so you can get rid of the annoying eyestrain and discern shapes and colours more quickly.

More specifically, the photochromic lenses are activated by the amount of UV radiation and transition from light to dark gradually. In brighter conditions, where the UV radiation is more intense, lenses’ molecules expand in size and darken, so less light can pass through them. In darker conditions, the same molecules shrink and separate, to allow more light to pass through.

Spectral Control Technology

Their exclusive special control technology is designed to provide you with the ultimate High Definition vision of everything in sight. By acting like an “HD” visual equalizer, the lenses of the specialised Serengeti Drivers sunglasses, as well as those of other designs, have been shown to improve contrast, enhance natural colour balance and achieve the perfect mix of colours across all conditions.

Although blue light is necessary to regulate a human’s biological clock, it’s also been considered as a high-risk factor for age-related macular degeneration. Serengeti’s special control technology can filter up to 96% of blue light and allow only the beneficial turquoise-blue light to pass through your lenses. On top of that, their lenses will also reduce blue blur and visible noise to preserve your sight and keep your eyes relaxed.

Polarization Technology

Their polarized sunglasses are specially designed to control the light, eliminating 99.99% of disruptive glare, and providing ultimate clarity with UV protection of up to 400nm. In other words, regardless of the environment you’re in, the polarization technology can eliminate the reflection from vehicle headlights, intense lights, shiny surfaces, and the everyday outdoors disruptions.

serengeti drivers sunglasses

Picking the Perfect Pair of Serengeti Sunglasses

The range of advanced Serengeti glasses is very wide, meaning you won’t struggle to choose something tailored to your preferences and needs. Hence, except for the gorgeous contemporary frames and designs, you can take a pick between the following types of lenses:

Serengeti Drivers Sunglasses

If you’re looking for something optimal to wear on a daily basis, and while you’re driving, don’t hesitate to pick a pair of these. They’ve been available on the market since 1985 and managed to stay favourites among drivers due to their emblematic lenses.

On top of that, the Serengeti Drivers sunglasses collection is also engineered to transmit and distinguish red, green, and yellow colours as well as provide technicolour sensations of warmth. They’re the ideal option to rely on while driving, as you can always rest assured that you have the optimal light transmission in any condition.

Serengeti Sedona Sunglasses

Serengeti’s Sedona collection is specially designed for very bright conditions, which makes them ideal for boating and mountain activities. Due to this specific design, they have been shown to reduce glare from flat light and provide the wearer with superior image definition.

Also available in a bi-mirror version, they’re designed to provide ample protection on top (block sun rays) and bellow (blocks water reflection) and produce ultimate clarity in the middle. These lenses also feature increased protection which allows you to see details when looking close.

Serengeti 555nm Sunglasses

The incredible range of Serengeti eyewear 555nm sunglasses comes with both polarized and non-polarized lenses, with the first being ideal for boating and the latter being suitable for everyday use and driving. Their unique design is 555 nanometres marked in the centre of the light’s visible colour spectrum, right on the border of yellow and green, or the spot where the human’s eye sees best.

In low light conditions, these lenses will allow more yellow and green light to pass through and reflect the glare to create a relaxing environment for your eyes. The blue version of Serengeti’s 555nm sunglasses features a reflective blue dielectric mirror coating, which offers the ultimate lens protection that reflects even more glare and improves contrast. Now that you know about the advantages of Serengeti’s sunglasses, don’t hesitate to start searching for the perfect pair to protect your eyes in style.