August 16, 2016 / by Emma Jones

My partner and I decided to finally get married a couple of months ago. After much thought and consideration, we were pleased to inform our closest relatives and friends that we were going to organize a small wedding celebration at our apartment instead of an expensive and rather heartless hotel wedding reception. I never regretted making that decision, not even for a second, but I did realize that the preparation activities weren’t as few and as easy as I expected.


I assumed that cleaning the dining room and decorating it for the joyful occasion would take me quite some time, mostly because I had so many ideas in my mind, constantly jumping from one to another. Even so, I cannot say that I was nervous or worried about getting those things done in time, especially since I could always count on an extra pair of hands – my sister’s. No, this part of the whole make-your-home-guest-presentable process didn’t cause me any headache. My troubles began when I started setting up the dining table and bringing in the freshly cooked food (thank goodness I did that several hours earlier than I had planned).

As I was doing that, I grasped the fact that I couldn’t possibly place every single one of my vegan meals on the table without overcrowding it or making eating at it an impossible mission. Even so, I remained calm as I knew exactly what would ‘save the day’ – large serving trays. I had been meaning to buy trays for the party, but it totally slipped my mind. That’s why I borrowed my sister’s set of sleek ceramic trays and platters.

Once I found the right place for the very last one of my dishes, I couldn’t help but stare for a minute at the results of my effort with a smile on my face. The perfectionist organizer inside me loved the serving trays – they were elegant yet simple, they were practical, they were just perfect. The guests loved them, too. Many of my girlfriends complimented me and my husband on the great job we had done with the place, saying that the table was impeccably organized. Some of them even wanted to borrow the trays, as they caught everyone’s eye.

Yes, the night passed smoothly and pleasantly, turning into a precious memory of ours. After the successful organization of the celebration, I realized how much I enjoyed that. I knew I could do that again, but first I needed to buy trays of my own. Believe me, they are worth every dollar.