August 07, 2017 / by Emma Jones

Us Aussies are tireless nature lovers, and this can be seen by the many trailer campers parked in front of people’s homes. If you love to explore nature and see personally what this beautiful land has to offer, chances are you too have adopted the life of a camper and got yourself a vacation home on wheels. And the life of a camper is never monotonous, with a new place to visit¬†every summer. However, there’s a chance you grew tired of the way your camper hasn’t changed in years.

If it’s been used for quite some time, you might need to apply a fresh new coat of paint to the exterior of your camper. A colour that shines nicely in the sun can certainly refresh your outdoor experience. However, the most difficult part of preserving the beautiful and shiny paintwork of your vehicle for years to come, is storing it away for winter. The most difficult because it means you’ll have to part with your exciting outdoor adventures, otherwise it is the simplest.


The only maintenance a camper not in use needs is to be protected with a nice, thick cover. On the market for camper accessories, you can find many models of camper covers. Get it right and your home on wheels will benefit from good outside protection.

If your camper is going to reside mostly outside, it can succumb to damage from the sun. Camper covers with an UV protective layer can protect your paintwork from receiving an ugly, yellowy sheen. But most importantly, it will keep the tires from deflating from too much sun exposure. Another good tip is to look for a water resistant material that will keep your summer home free from mould, mildew, and corrosion. A camper is an expensive investment and keeping it properly protected will ensure you get to enjoy your vacation home on wheels for years to come.

But besides transforming and protecting the exterior, the interior too may need some TLC and updating. For some reason, many models from the 80s and 90s have brown coloured insides. A dark interior can be quite suffocating and create a claustrophobic feel. But nothing can breathe fresh air and enlarge the space like a new, brighter vibe. A crisp, white colour on the side wall and cabinets is sure to make the inside of your camper more modern and instantly transform it from blah to fab.

If you have carpet covered floors, I’d suggest you got rid of them pronto! Not only do they look old-fashioned, but they are also a pain in the neck to clean and can retain bad odours. The floor in a camper should be easy to sweep out. And what better material can be cleaned quicker than vinyl? Vinyl flooring has also the added benefit of coming in many different patterns and colours which allows you to exert your individual creative freedom.

But besides remodelling, decorations can also breathe some life into a boring camper. However, since you are restricted with space, it’s important not to overdo it. Items that serve a function can be used for decorative purposes as well. For instance, the regular monochromatic curtains that come with the camper can be replaced with ones with floral motifs or interesting patterns. Fluffy pillows in nice pastel colours can make the space feel cosy and inviting. And you might also include a charming little area rug if you feel that you’re naked floors are lacking accent.