June 29, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

If you need to cut wood more than the average homeowner, than you’re in need of a good chainsaw sharpener. A dull chain is of no use and apart from exposing yourself to danger with such apparatus, you’ll also be rendering your investment futile in the first place. Yup, that image above ain’t fooling you – if the teeth of your chainsaw aren’t as sharp as the teeth of a shark, you’re going to have a bad time and bad time indeed.

Electric Chainsaw Sharpening

First of all, a dull chainsaw requires more physical effort while prolonging the time you need to get the job done. On a safety note though, the only thing such tool can increase is your chances of getting injured. Dull chains can get caught up in the wood, increase the likelihood of kickbacks and surprise you with jerky movements. Talk about dire straits…

Apart from endangering you, an unattended tool is its own enemy in the sense that it puts immense strain and stress on the engine, the sprocket and the bar. The whole process can even result in a broken chain. This is why electric chainsaw sharpening is a time and money saving investment that also comes with a safety tag.

When it comes to being able to recognize when your tool needs electric chainsaw sharpening, there’s a pretty straightforward sign you cannot miss – hot dust. So when your chain is spewing dust and you have to apply extra force to finish the task – it’s sharpening time.

Minding the signs is a responsible thing to do, but what’s even more responsible is not to wait for maintenance time to knock on the door on its own, but rather sharpen your chainsaw every time you fill the tank with gas for instance. This way, apart form making sure you’re cutting with a sharp blade, you’ll be protecting the engine and other delicate parts of your tool from unnecessary strain. In my opinion, waiting for the hot dust is waiting a bit too long, especially if you want to make your initial investment worthwhile.

Finally, remember that a freshly sharpened blade cuts better than a new one and that’s a fact. Also, on an even more pretentious note, a guy that has the right sharpener to save the day without depending on anyone else is a guy with a tool in top condition and extra couple hundred bucks.