July 12, 2019 / by Emma Jones

If you think that curtains are a thing of the past, you should think again! Although plain windows may be totally IN right now, not everyone can benefit from them – some people may need more privacy, while others may have older windows that they want to hide. Curtains a great way to change or update any space. They can easily lift a room’s colour scheme and make a space instantly feel larger and brighter. However, it is important to take into account the design of the curtain to make sure it is the best fit for your space.

Today, I’ll talk specifically about sheer curtains. Simple in design, these lovelies are truly timeless and can work with any interior décor style. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can use sheer curtains in your home.

To Soften Busy Patterns

Sheer curtains work great in rooms with a lot of patterns. For example, if your room has a busy geometric print wallpaper, adding a sheer curtain to that space will help create a soft visual and will relieve the dynamic drama. But sheer curtains can work on their own as well. A window covered with nothing but sheers can easily create a more romantic mood for your bedroom. When light and privacy are an issue, you can consider some well-placed greenery outside – a win-win combination. And since sheer curtains allow light to pass through them, they are also a fantastic wall-to-wall treatment to create a continuous backdrop that anchors a room without completely covering its architectural features.

To Add Elegance

While sheers are often white or off-white, a moody grey sheer can add a sophisticated flair and interest to a pale wall. Pair a moody grey sheer with a sparkling mirror or metallic accessories to achieve a classic glam effect in your space. Sheers can also look beautiful beyond the bottom of a window in a room with hints of rustic charm. Combine solid and patterned sheers to add a bohemian feel to the room.

To Add Practicality

Sheer curtains don’t only work well with windows – they also make for a great room divider in an open-concept layout. They can be used in a modern house or condo to separate spaces and even in a studio apartment to create different living areas without completely losing the sense of openness. You can also use sheers in a patio to soften the space and create a breezy cabana atmosphere.

For Stylish Storage

Who said that storage has to hide behind solid doors? Sheer curtains are a great way to blur the visual chaos of bins on shelves or clothing on hangers. By reducing (not blocking) the sightlines into storage rooms or closets, you visually enlarge the space.