June 15, 2017 / by Emma Jones

The window treatment is the one piece of the interior design puzzle that makes a home complete. The presence of window treatments is what gives a simple dwelling its distinctive homey feel. When I look at a house and see there are no blinds or shutters on the windows, I immediately think it’s either in process of building or up for sale. How can one live with draught and harsh sun rays invading their living space? For me, it is unimaginable to leave my home bare and vulnerable like that.

And when it comes to picking a stylish yet functional window treatment for your home, you cannot go wrong with plantation shutters. They might be sometimes considered a luxury product, but the truth is that their value is far more long-lasting and substantial than other types of window coverings. Or in other words, plantation shutters are a life long purchase. But if settling for life scares you, wait until you see how packed with potential they are. Here are several reasons why it’s a smart decision to buy shutters Australia stores sell.

Increased Privacy and Noise Reduction

Plantation shutters are the ultimate privacy guards for a home. The split-tilting option they have allows you to close the bottom half for privacy, while leaving the top open for sunlight to get in; Truly the best of both worlds! And before you think that the other window treatments can prevent people from peeking through your windows, think in terms of sound. Can Venetians muffle the loud barks of the dogs in your neighbourhood? Because they are made to be thick as much as the window sill demands, when closed, shutters can serve as an additional layer of sound insulation. Now you can argue with your partner without worrying that someone will overhear. Or turn up the music for that matter.

Durable and Easy-Maintenance

Compared to other popular window treatments, such as curtains and Venetians, plantation shutters don’t accumulate dust and dirt easily. Therefore, they don’t require you to wash them as often. And when you do notice that they’ve become dirty, simply wipe them with a dry or a wet towel. Moreover, shutters are not prone to attracting mould like curtains or other fabric window coverings are. Because they do not need to be washed and treated with chemicals, they can last a lot longer than the other options.

Variety of Materials

Unlike some window treatments, when deciding to buy shutters Australia stores offer a number of materials to choose from. Wood, faux wood, MDF, PVC and more – the material is an important consideration point because different rooms demand different kinds of shutters that suit the conditions. For instance, picking a water-resistant material like PVC is your best bet for humid and wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Wood on the other hand, has nothing to do in those rooms because the humid air can cause it to warp and crack. But if you want to achieve a dramatic interior ambiance, nothing beats the classic charm of good old timber shutters. Basswood shutters have become especially popular recently because of their incredible insulating properties, affordable price and strong composition which can resist bad weather. The variety of materials gives you enough options to find the perfect fit for every room in your home.