January 26, 2017 / by Emma Jones

A powerful combination of lightheartedness and calmness is what the word ‘summer’ evokes in people. The mere thought of a beautiful sun-kissed sandy beach helps us feel much more relaxed and carefree. I guess this explains why coastal style has become such a popular decorating style in our country and the rest of the world.

Embracing this unique home design style (or at least some of its principles) means turning your home into a tasteful and inviting summer oasis. Although there are probably hundreds of interesting coastal décor ideas, most of them are covered by the following four simple ones.

Say Hello to the Sun

Light is that one element a coastal space can’t do without, which is precisely why it shouldn’t be overlooked. A coastal living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom should be a place bathed in sunlight. This means that your home needs to have plenty of windows, glass doors, and skylights in order to become a coastal one. If it doesn’t and you can’t afford to add these important elements – worry not for you can fake the natural light your coastal space needs with the help of lamps and wall sconces (this is how you will save precious floor space).

Welcome Casual Furniture Into Your Home

A coastal living room, for example, is one that’s furnished with sturdy and casual coastal look furniture pieces, such as wooden or thick glass coffee tables, rattan armchairs, comfortable sofas, and large (usually white) bookcases. However, this doesn’t mean that you ought to say goodbye to elegance. Today, there are plenty of durable and chic coastal look furniture items on the market. All you have to do to find the perfect ones for you is start your search.

Opt for Simple, Clean, and Comfy Fabrics

Linen slipcovers, cotton floor rugs, and sheer curtains are all elements that can beautifully complement a coastal space. Since light is an immensely important piece of this decorating puzzle, you should opt for pure white, washed-out pastels, and neutrals (such as cream, beige, navy and light blue). These are all hues that can help you create the relaxing atmosphere coastal homes are famous for.

Don’t Forget About the Small Items

Tiny beach treasures such as shells, sea glass, and bottles are all items that deserve to be thoughtfully displayed in your coastal living room, dining room, and hall. Furthermore, hanging driftwood, rope, and woven details on a wall is another easy and inexpensive way to create a seaside feel. However, I advise you to be careful and not to go overboard, as one or two of these items can make quite an impression.