January 13, 2020 / by Emma Jones

The pursuit of happiness is a universal thing, we all want to be happy however many of us have forgotten how to just be happy instead of constantly seeking for this feeling elsewhere, letting stress sneak up on us and drain all our energy and health.

Learning how to relax and just letting your thoughts wander for a while instead of thinking about any problems is the way to make room for happiness in your day to day life, and while not everyone of us knows how to meditate as it’s a skill that takes time to master, we could all get to reap its benefits spending a bit of time in a spa bath – this is the means of meditation that doesn’t require skills, you simply get in and relax.

Acquiring a spa bath may not be on the list of priorities for every household, mainly because it’s a considerable investment upfront, however considering it’s an investment you make for your happiness and well-being it certainly deserves a thought.

Moreover, spa baths are much more affordable and versatile nowadays than they ever were before, from a tiny model for two to a compact 6 person spa, and the sturdy materials they’re made from such as fibreglass and stainless steel imply you get the kind of quality that’s to your taste and lasts for years.

Having this in mind, it’s a purchase that pays off, more so when you think of the different features this kind of bath is equipped with, from LED backlit waterfalls, to recliner lounges and massage jets, created for utmost comfort.

Are There Additional Benefits?

The relaxing benefits of hot water have long been known to humanity, which would explain why spas have existed for centuries throughout the world. As it happens, a spa bath isn’t only great to have for lessening stress and anxiety but the benefits one can reap are numerous.

Improved Sleep

For instance, getting in the habit of using the spa bath every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes before bedtime (about an hour and a half prior to going to bed specifically), would be of help with improving your sleep given that the hot water enables your body temperature to drop when you start cooling down thus enhancing your chances for uninterrupted, sound sleep.

This is so because when the core temperature drops your body prepared for sleeptime. This sure comes in handy with individuals who have trouble catching all the z’s. Knowing how important quality sleep is for the proper bodily functions , it should be reason enough to consider buying such tub.

Great Social Life

Furthermore, we can’t overlook the fact a spa bath, particularly a bigger one like the 6 person spa, is essential in boosting social life. Whether it’s spending time with family or friends, can you think of a better way to have great talks than by relaxing in your own home, having a blast with the people you love.

Relief for Aches and Pains

You know that feeling of pain you get in the muscles when you work out after having been inactive for a while, or right after trying out new exercises? Well, the hot water provides immediate relief and speeds up the recovery process; along with this, there’s relief also for arthritis pains thanks to the increased blood supply to the joints.

In post-surgical cases where hydrotherapy is recommended for recovery, this kind of relief treatment also comes in handy. Additionally, people dealing with a cold, allergies and nasal congestion would be able to curb the respiratory problems since the moist air helps clear the nasal passages.

Great Exercise

Speaking of exercise, even if you aren’t a fan of gyms you’d still be able to have your share of exercise in the spa bath. As it eases the pressure, it happens to be much better for exercising the joints than you’d expect when exercising on land.

Besides, you’d be able to reap the benefits of weight loss too, considering sitting in the hot tub helps you burn 3% more calories than you’d lose sitting on the sofa; can you think of a better way to stay in shape?! Likewise, when you want to get a nice stretch and relax your stiff muscles, you’d get more flexibility in the water.

Incredible Massage

As the 6 person spa is equipped with jets, you have the chance to enjoy an unmatched massage that you’d get to customise yourself, choosing from the different modes, be it more forceful or gentler, depending on what you need to call it a day.

Inspiration Strikes

Thinking of treating your creative block in the shower? How about you replace it with the spa bath – just lean back on the lounge and see where your mind leads you!

How to Clean a Spa Bath

To have the time of your life in your bath every day, it’s necessary to take hygiene seriously because poor maintenance and hygiene can lead to issues both for you and the bathtub; just think of all the contaminants that can find their way into your water, from natural oils of your body, to dirt, germs and lotion among others – you certainly wouldn’t like to enjoy soaking in such conditions.

Apart from making sure you regularly drain the bathtub, every 2 to 3 months or so, as well as checking the pH balance and showering before entering the hot tub, it’s important to use the right set of chemicals to decontaminate, in the example of detergents and all-purpose cleaners, though even something simple like vinegar would do too.

Choosing a bathtub that’s got easy care water treatment system is also helpful, but if you aren’t sure on how to clean yourself and which cleaning products are best, you might want to get professional help.