July 29, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Distilling has taken the world by storm once again. Something that our ancestors had practised we can practice now, too. Demanding precision, creativity, and a lot of patience go into distilling your own wine, spirits, and overall alcohol from the comfort of your own home. But still, the outcome of this hobby is rewarding like no other.
Able to create your very own tastes and unique blends, it’s obvious why so many people are drawn to distilling and have been for thousands of years now. The difference, however, between us now and people way back when is, of course, in the equipment and products used to create the drinks.

In the past, distilling took a lot of craftiness and knowledge. Nowadays, however, all it takes is the proper equipment and yes, also knowledge, because as fun as it is, it can still be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. I guess some things just never change! There are many brands that manufacture distilling equipment and distilling products out there, but one of the most talked about, and for all the good reasons, is Still Spirits.

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A Bit of History

Based in New Zealand, Still Spirits has existed for more than 30 years now. In those years they have managed to become one of the leading brands when it comes to home brewing and distilling equipment, as well as flavours, and other consumables. Their products are very well respected around the world, with many home distillers using them, from the big things, like equipment, to the smallest of things, like filters.

They are also a brand that sources and distributes responsibly, especially when it comes to their flavourings and consumables. Available to purchase throughout Australia, you can buy quality-made Still Spirits Turbo Carbon, turbo yeast, sugar, or any other type of necessary consumable, alongside flavourings, with ease. Even though their equipment is top-notch, especially the Turbo 500 edition, I’d like to talk about the consumables available and why they’re some of the best around.


Carbon is a very important consumable when it comes to distilling, no matter what kind of alcohol you’re trying to produce. The brewing process takes a lot of time, but once you get to a certain stage, the mixture you get isn’t free of additional things you just don’t need nor want to have in your final product.

This is where carbon comes in. Designed to be used for filtering out any impurities your mixture might contain, one of the best carbon filters on the market is the Still Spirits Turbo Carbon. Fine and small, the carbon granules in the Turbo Carbon are very effective when it comes to purifying your wash and delivering a mixture that’s ready for any next steps.

Used with a carbon filter, like Still Spirit’s very own Filter Pro, it’s easy to use and is sold in different sized packages, depending on what you need and what you’re making. Able to be shipped all over Australia, you can order your Turbo Carbon online or buy it from a brewer’s shop.

Homebrewed Spirits
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Once you have your wash ready it’s time for it to ferment. Yeast is the ingredient, or consumable, used to ferment a wash, so it’s very important to choose both the right type of yeast and one that’s quality-made. Turbo Yeast made by Still Spirits is of quite a good quality and there are five types of it, Classic 8 and Classic 6, Pure, Distillers, and Heat.

Heat Turbo Yeast is used when the temperature of the air is above 30 degrees Celsius. As you know, distilling requires quite a controlled environment, so to make sure that your wash ferments properly and is ready for further treatment, make sure you buy the right type of yeast.

The Pure Turbo Yeast is meant to be used when the temperature is between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius and if you truly want premium-quality alcohol in the end. It is a yeast that produces quite a small amount of byproduct, which means that you’ll be getting a mixture that won’t need much to purify, hence the name, Pure.

Finally, the Classic Turbo Yeasts are meant to work under most conditions and still produce a quality product, so if you’re new to distilling I’d recommend using one of these until you really get into the technicalities of sugar spirits and their making.Homebrewed Spirits Homebrewed Spirits


The use of clear is usually mandatory if you want a really well-made, genuinely clear spirit. Added before distilling, the clear’s job is to purify (or clear out!) any solids left after the fermentation process and also remove yeast cells from the wash.

Removing yeast cells is actually very important since if you leave them be in the still, you’ll actually be allowing them to expand and mess with the taste of your wash. They might add off flavours or even ruin your batch completely, so removing them with a clear is a highly recommended step before distilling.

After you’re done with distilling you’ll use your carbon to make sure everything is nice, clean, and purified, with no yeast cells, solids, or anything else, aside from pure alcohol, remaining behind. Then, it’s time for flavouring and experimenting until you make a drink you truly love. One great thing about Still Spirit’s consumables is that you can buy them separately, but they also come in packs of three with Turbo Carbon, Turbo Yeast, and Turbo Clear included.

This makes the whole process of picking and choosing way easier and gets you one step closer to your perfect distillate quicker. Still Spirits Sugar, essences, additives like oak chips, and complete recipes are also in stock and can be easily bought. So then, what are you waiting for? A whole distilling journey awaits, all you have to do is want to start!