January 04, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

When it comes to choosing window treatments for modern residences, many professional interior designers advise their clients to give curtains and curtain combos a chance. These classic window coverings have been protecting and adorning countless of Bauhaus homes, which should encourage you to at least consider them as an option for yours.

Most people would agree that curtains and curtain combos are the most elegant and luxurious window coverings of all. Carefully picked floor-to-ceiling curtains in a neutral colour (like white, cream, beige, and brown) can make a modern living room or bedroom much more aesthetically appealing and complete.

Combining sheer curtains with thermal drapes is another smart idea because this curtain combo is both stylish and functional. When you are in the mood for a morning sunbathing session in your modern lounge room or bedroom, you can only pull the sheers. They will provide you with the much needed privacy by blocking the view from the outside in, but they won’t block the sun. The thermal drapes, on the other hand, will offer you shade and protect you from excessive heat and cold. This means that thermal drapes can help you save money on electricity bills.

Furthermore, curtains can make a room much quieter for they absorb sound. This makes them a wonderful window covering option for your modern bedroom, especially if you reside in a lively neighbourhood.

If you choose these timeless window treatments for your Bauhaus home, I advise you to look for them in both physical and online stores. There are plenty of well-established shops that sell high-quality sheer and block-out curtains online Australia wide, many of which offer their customers the possibility to purchase custom-made curtains at affordable prices. This way you can make sure the curtains you buy don’t ruin your home’s décor. Moreover, shopping for curtains online Australia residents say is a great way to come across a lot of tasteful and modern window treatment ideas that include curtains. This is how you can avoid seeking advice from professionals.

Let me end this article by reminding you that paying attention to the curtain hardware is an extremely important piece of the puzzle, for rods, rings, finials, and other accessories hold the power to make but also break the final look of your window coverings and the room they are incorporated in. That’s precisely why you should pick ones that will last for a long period of time and complement your home’s décor flawlessly.