August 17, 2022 / by Danny Mavis

Whoever believes drinking isn’t a hobby, you obviously have never met a beer enthusiast. A true beer enthusiast is a complex person who you can depend on to bring a six-pack to any gathering; The father who insists that a cold beverage was necessary for game day; The coworker who takes far too long choosing which restaurant’s on-tap beer to order; The friend who would go far distances to visit a brand-new craft beer pub.

Whether they’re into dark lager or ale, they deserve a gift that matches their preferences. And this guide is here to help you find your favourite beer lover a gift that demonstrates that beer is more than just a beverage preference; it’s a lifestyle. Pick out one of the following ideas and make a beer enthusiast very hoppy!

A Mixed Craft Beer Pack

A Mixed Craft Beer Pack

Every beer enthusiast knows that craft beers taste the best. So, send your pal a craft beer mixed box containing exquisite beers so they can indulge in a fresh new taste whenever they want.

Are they fans of dark beer? Then they will definitely love it if you send them a 6, 8 or 12 pack full of different dark craft flavours like espresso stout, mil stout or even rhubarb dark lager. Or maybe they like to experiment and try something that will make their mouth pucker and eyes water? A pack of sour beers like Hawkers Blackberry Pie Sour Ale or Range’s Watermelon Sour will guarantee instant refreshment.

You can choose from a variety of styles when picking out a craft beer mixed box. Of course, going with the traditional German and Belgian styles will guarantee that the recipient enjoys their gift, but if you want to give them a taste of something different for a change, try a local Australian variety. For inspiration, check out the Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers which were voted by tens of thousands of craft beer enthusiasts.

Personalised Bottle Opener


Every beer enthusiast needs a sturdy bottle opener, and a handcrafted one with their name, preferred colour, or the logo of their favourite beer is a wonderful present to consider. There are many handmade bottle openers to choose from, including those that can be mounted on the wall and serve as cool décor.

A Book About Beer


As much as they think they know everything there is to know about their favourite drink, there are thousands of different beers around the world, most with a history that goes centuries back. So, surprise them with a book about beer so they can learn some cool facts and trivia they can use the next time they’re hosting a party.

One of the best books about beer is the Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein. It’s a great educational resource for understanding the confusing world of IPAs, sour ales, barrel-aged stouts and more.

Granite Beer Chilling Coasters


There is nothing better than a cold beer, and this coaster set is available for people who wish to keep their drinks colder for longer. The granite coasters can be chilled or frozen before consuming a beverage. The coasters’ deep hole prevents spills by holding cans or bottles firmly in place.

Additionally, each coaster has a foam bottom to prevent damage to surfaces. This gift is the ideal blend of style and utility for any beer enthusiast.

Portable Soft Cooler


Given their near indestructibility and ability to keep food, drinks, and ice cold for hours on end, soft coolers are adored by just about everyone who uses them. So it should come as no surprise that a soft cooler would make a memorable present for a beer enthusiast who needs to keep their brews very cold when on the go.

For the travelling beer enthusiast, this is a fantastic gift. They can fill it with bottles and cans, and then check it on the way home from their visit to new brewers.

Electric Drink Frother

Do you miss the good old college party days spent with your beer lover pal? Remind them of how much fun you two had by gifting them an electric drink frother. This will make bottled beer so foamy that it will taste as though it just came out of a keg, but without the, uh, sticky floors and togas made out of sheets (unless that’s your thing, of course).

Fans of light beers will adore a frother that comes with an attachment that changes the flavour, fragrance, and mouthfeel of their favourite brew. Additionally, you can choose one that runs on batteries, making it portable so they can take the party on the go.

Beer Making Kit

If they can make an omelette, then they can surely make their own beer as well. Yes, it’s that easy. All they need is a good beginner’s beer brewing kit. Nothing compares to the thrill of being able to make your own drinks, so this gift will definitely stand out from the rest.

Make sure to pick a kit that has all the essential brewing equipment and uses the same ingredients that some of the best craft breweries use (malted barley, hops, and yeast). This way, they can easily make high-quality and complex beers on the stovetop in their very own kitchen, big or small, all while using only fresh, whole ingredients and traditional methods used in breweries for centuries.