January 05, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Showing someone that you really care doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. On the contrary, thoughtful and less expensive gestures can be more appreciated and valuable than breaking the bank. If you want to show your love in a truly unique way, opt for a gift from the following list that will definitely stand out and add make for a memorable Valentine’s day.

A Hamper Filled with Love

edibalblooms hamper gift

When searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift, have in mind that big doesn’t always mean best. When arranged in a unique way, a hamper made up of cute and thoughtful Valentine gift items like chocolates, wine and scented candles can make a great impact. So, this year you can make a list with your loved one’s favourite chocolate treats, drinks or pampering products and make your perfect Valentine’s basket. You can include their favourite snacks, chocolates, bath products or other things they like. Even though chocolate and red wine are the most common Valentine gift items for hampers, feel free to get out from your comfort zone and try something new. You might find out that there are other things that can be interesting and romantic.

perfect valentine gift

So, if your loved one likes to drink beer instead of wine, give them a basket full of their favourite beer. You can even make a beer indulgence hamper, adding a few different beers that they have never tasted before as well as cheeses and other beer-friendly snacks. If your loved one, on the other hand, is having a stressful time, you can fill the basket with self-care items, like a bubble bath, scented candles and include a voucher to a spa or a beauty salon treatment to turn back the clock.

A Cookie Jar With Your Loved One’s Best Qualities

cookie jar - valentine gift item

Mason jars have become very popular when it comes to homemade Valentines day gifts. They can be decorated and filled with anything you like. So this Valentine’s day you can purchase a cute mason jar and a lot of different accessories such as ribbons, bowls, scrapbooking paper to make a cute homemade Valentine’s gift.

After decorating your jar, you can begin planning the items you will put inside. Apart from candy and other small edible valentine gifts that you can put in the jar, tiny love notes describing your loved one’s best qualities and how much you love them may be the biggest surprise of the night. Your loved one will definitely feel extra special while opening the loving massages one by one and never forget this Valentine’s day.

Growing Some Love

valentine gift item - flower

Flowers are very popular Valentine’s gifts. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful die after a few days. That is why this year you may consider buying a lovely potted flower or plant that will last for years. You can either buy a pot, decorate it yourself and plant your loved one’s favourite flower. Or you can just purchase an already grown plant like a succulent plant for example, that doesn’t require a lot of care and it can live for many years. Unlike a bouquet, this beautiful flower pot will remind your loved one every day of how much you love her/him. If you’re feeling extra, you can even get a hamper with a plant, a type of wine, beer or some other drink and some chocolates.

Flowers That Won’t Wither

valentine gift - flowers

If your loved one is an infamous flower-killer but still wants to get flowers for Valentine’s day, you might consider purchasing beautiful handmade paper flowers. Handmade roses and flowers can be a great idea for a bouquet that can be enjoyed years later. Except for roses, there are many other flowers that can be made from different materials such as tissue paper, fabrics or thin pages from a book and can still look gorgeous.

You might even consider giving your loved one a delicious chocolate bouquet. Whether decorated with heart-shaped little chocolates, or delicious gold milk Belgian chocolate stars or white Lindt balls, they are guaranteed to create a smile on your loved one’s face. Today, there are many online stores that offer edible Valentine gifts, so you can easily find your perfect chocolate bouquet so you can surprise your loved one with something different this year.

Make a Heartwarming Photo Book

photo book valentines gift item

This is the perfect way to store all of your best memories in one place. Giving your loved one a photo book will remind them of how special your time together has been. It is also a great way to show your loved one that you put a lot of thought into the occasion and that you worked hard to show them how much they mean to you. A photo book is a great way to remind you of all great times and to relive happy memories with your loved one. While the most popular Valentine’s day gifts will eventually be used up, eaten or get worn out, photo books can stand the test of time and can be a lot of fun to flip through years down the line. They might even be passed on to future generations, so if you really want to give something that won’t be forgotten, a photo book is the way to go.

A Fun Game Night

Sometimes, the most valuable present you can give to your loved one is spending more quality time together. A board game can be the perfect investment for that because you can play it over and over again. Over the past few years, Scrabble has become an extremely popular game. It gets more and more interesting as more letter tiles are added to the board. So, for this Valentine’s day, you can purchase a Scrabble board and create a personalised lovers day gift. You can use letter tiles to spell your loved one’s name and some qualities you love about them.

Notes of Love

sticky notes

Small sticky notes can be transformed into fun Valentine’s day messages for your loved one. Buy several packs of post-it-notes in bright colours, such as yellow, green and pink and stick them everywhere in your apartment. On each of the notes, you can write a simple message, telling your loved one how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Next, you can stick the notes on windows, walls, mirrors, the oven, the refrigerator, or even on the floor in the shape of a large heart. Wandering around, looking for secret massages at Valentine’s day can be really fun and something that you will talk about many years to come.