May 31, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

If you have just bought your first truck and are new to this particular circle of car enthusiasts, you should be prepared for the commonly reoccurring discussions on the benefits and disadvantages of additions and accessories for your pick-up. This is a frequent topic of conversation as a lot of 4×4 owners do make certain modifications to their ride in order to give them a few additional features they didn’t come with. But the thing is, there really isn’t a point in arguing about the perks of add-ons as a whole since not all of them are the same and some can be detrimental in some situations, but useful in certain others. The better question is then – When is a modification like the Toyota Hilux lift kit a useful feature, and what situations is it best suited for?

Just like any other model, the Toyota Hilux lift kit can either come in the form of a modification to the suspension or the body itself, both of which have their merits, but we will only cover the suspension lift for the sake of simplicity. What this kit does is basically lift your car so that you can fit higher profile tires and get a bit more ground clearance while also toughening up your suspension a bit. These are great features for off-road driving or if you are hauling quite a substantial load in the back of your truck while on a road that is about as smooth as a mountain range.

There are however considerations to be made before installing it on your vehicle, and one of the more significant ones is price. Like virtually any other product, there are many different suspension lifts that wildly vary in price and as such come with different levels of quality. Needless to say, the more costly variety is usually more durable and fail-proof. Additionally, while the more value friendly alternatives may seem more appealing at first (especially to your bank account) they may develop problems much sooner and will almost certainly need to be replaced entirely, at which point their appeal will wear off.

The other thing you need to consider is whether or not you really need a lift kit for your Hilux. This may seem like an obvious point, but there are still people that get these kits because they think they will offer nothing but improvements to the cars ride quality, handling, and even appearance. While all of this is true, it is important to stress that it is only true for rough roads or rocky paths. However, if your job does not require a toughened suspension or if you drive on nothing but well paved roads, then you will feel why the harder suspension isn’t made for them as it can cause you discomfort even during the shorter city commutes.