January 11, 2017 / by Emma Jones

The mere fact that you can go about 3-4 weeks without eating any food, but just a few days without water, speaks volumes about the importance of H2O as an essential substance for life. It plays a major role in all vital bodily functions such as nutrient absorption, digestion and chemical reactions, plus, the lack of it is could cause low energy levels and fatigue. While water delivers nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells, it also helps remove toxins from the digestive tract. Moreover, regular water consumption not only helps the skin regulate the body’s temperature, but it also improves the skin’s appearance and texture making it look fresher and healthier. Therefore, getting your recommended daily dose of H2O will not only keep your body healthy and properly hydrated, but it will also make you look and feel great.

drink water

However, with the so many delicious flavoured drinks to choose from, for many people water is not always the preferred choice when feeling thirsty. True, tea, coffee, sodas, sports drinks and similar drinks taste much better, but none of them is a substitute for H2O. Nevertheless, some people just don’t like the plain taste of water, which means, they usually do not consume enough of it. But there’s a solution – flavoured water drops to enhance its taste and make it much more appealing for drinking. Flavoured water drops are becoming more and more popular and today there are different types which makes it easier to choose the one that you like best. The truth is, a lot of them contain sugar, artificial flavours and chemical additives, which actually means that these are not really the healthiest option to improve the taste of water. Therefore, the best water enhancers and the ones that experts recommend using, are the ones made from natural ingredients, such as the stevia water drops.

While stevia tastes nearly the same as sugar, it is a natural sweetener that is much sweeter, yet it contains almost no calories. The drops are a blend of purified water, an organic stevia leaf extract and a natural flavouring. Unlike other water enhancers, these don’t contain artificial ingredients and chemicals and have no gluten nor carbs. Another thing that ranks stevia drops among the best water enhancers, is their wide range of delicious flavours – raspberry, peach, mango, lemon, lime and many more. Yum! All of these flavours are certainly worth trying. Now drink up and keep yourself in a good shape!