June 28, 2017 / by Emma Jones

While we love the warm sunny days of summer, we have to admit all that sun can be rather damaging. If it’s damaging to the skin when not having the proper sunscreen on, and the hair when you’re not wearing an adequate hat, you can imagine what it might also be doing to your garden, particularly the lawn. Summer wear and tear is inevitable, and you shouldn’t be surprised if your lawn ends up looking depressing, but autumn is the perfect season if you want to bring it back in perfect shape and prep it up for next spring, providing the proper protection through the cold winter months.

Autumn is also the time when you can heavily rely on the use of a push mower to help you out in cutting your grass to perfection. Having this sort of high performance power tool as your helping hand is sure to give you the desired outcome easily, with little effort. What you have to remember though, during the colder days of autumn, it’s advisable to lower the cutting base, slow and steady cutting does it, and be sure not to cut off more than one third at a time.

Push Mower

The technique of lowering the cutting base would allow for more sunlight to get to the grass’s crown, something that will preserve the fresh look of the lawn. Don’t leave the grass tall either, because it’s bound to turn into the home of burrowing animals when it gets really cold. As there is also the need to take care of fallen leaves and debris around, you’d find it most useful getting a push mower that serves as a mulcher as well – additional assistance to raking the fallen leaves.

When it comes to utmost care, you can’t avoid fertilising either to ensure future growth. Since it’s recommended to do so twice a year, one has to be done late autumn. Though the leaves grow slowly in the cold days, the roots continue to grow same as before, and providing them with the needed nutrients would make for proper growth next spring.

Great news in case you spot weed is applying herbicide this time of year would rid you of weed worries with your lawn in spring. Along with fertilising, make aerating part of your chores, so that water, oxygen, as well as fertiliser, can reach the roots properly using the help of a lawn aerator.

Just because grass changes its colour in the autumn and winter months, and looks rather worn out, doesn’t mean it’s not alive. If you want your grass to be the one people marvel at for being greener than the one of most people’s lawns, cut down on the lawn traffic.