May 22, 2019 / by Emma Jones

You may not be a person with a sweet tooth but fact is at one point or another you’d still enjoy the savoury taste of Australian pastries. Though it’s usually Europeans, particularly the French, who make themselves known for their love of baked goods and pastries, we Australians aren’t far behind as our love for pies shows.


Patisserie Over the Years

The success of patisserie didn’t happen overnight, though, as history demonstrates, since it took centuries to come to the patisserie and all the types of pastries in the form we know of today. Some of the most famous pastries, such as the puff and foliated are believed to have been created for the first time in 1540 and 1630 respectively, with Popelini and a certain French painter being attributed to their origin.

As for the croissant, by the 19th century it was already so widespread, it turned into an essential part of everyday breakfast even Charles Dickens referred to it in 1872, whereas eclairs and brioche were introduced earlier, in the 17th and 18th century. The world fair which took place in Paris in 1889, called Exposition Universelle, is known to have influenced the culture of cafés, with the first one to sell pastries being an open-air café.

It’s needless to point out a lot has changed since then and we mainly have to thank technology and innovation for pastry machines, simplifying the process of production.

Patisserie Today

There are all sorts of machines today, specialised for the different parts of the baking as well as the different types of pastries, so depending on the needs of the particular patisserie, there’s the right equipment to rely on. Not only is there a variety of mixers and dough sheeters, there are also specialised fryers, pasteurisers, freezers, ovens and depositors to choose from.

Even if they don’t make the priority investments for some, there’s no doubt they help cut down the effort significantly and speed up the whole process which doesn’t only have its role in time-efficiency but money-efficiency too; the sooner you have the pastries prepared, the sooner you can serve them, simply said.

It’s true, competition is huge nowadays, not only within the realms of patisserie considering retail bakeries and instore supermarket bakeries have their way into baked goods, yet along with having the right pastry machines to count on, and being creative with the ingredients, recipes and flavours to satisfy the needs of an ever-changing consumption based on the rise of health trends, you can still pull off success.

The future looks sweet!