December 14, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

I’ve always been on the chubby side, even since I was a kid. As I kept growing, I was just putting on more and more weight, and most importantly, I wasn’t doing anything about it. When high school came around, I was living off junk foods, soda and energy drinks. I would lock myself in my room and play games all day. Now when I look back, it’s easy to realize that the reason I was gaming so much was to create a distraction from my overweight self. I didn’t want to face the reality and the people living in it. I was scared to approach the girls I liked because of my weight. I was also avoiding all other people as well because I thought they were going to judge me. So, I would continue to lock myself in my room, live unhealthy and do nothing about my weight. I’ve had a few relationships, but most of them ended quite quickly because of my unhealthy way of living and yes, most of my friends lived inside my PlayStation.

Everything changed when high school ended and the reality of being, well, a sort of a grown up dawned on me. I started asking myself, is this who I’m going to be for the rest of my life? If I’m 110 kilos now, how much am I going to weigh in a few years? Realising that something has to change, I didn’t want to be that lazy, overweight person that projected the hate he had for himself on other people.

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Stuck between university and work, I didn’t have a lot of time for exercise. So, searching far and wide for the solution to my problem I ended up finding it in the simplest of ways. All I had to do was decide to change a few settings (just like in a video game) and stick to it. I started avoiding driving as much as possible, even if it meant waking up earlier in order to walk to work. Instead of taking the elevator I opted for the stairs. Walking a bit more and taking the stairs gave me the cardio that I didn’t have the time for.

I also started drinking a lot more water, well, in my case any amount of water would have been a lot, considering that my only source of hydration were sugary beverages. However, being addicted to sugar, I couldn’t go cold turkey. That’s where  stevia water enhancer came in. These natural and calorie-free water drops make water a lot more pleasant to drink. It gives it a sweet taste without the harmful sugars and calories. Ans just to clarify, I didn’t rely on any strict rules for every meal, I just ate healthier. Fruits and veggies were my daily snacks and junk food was something I started to avoid at all costs.

In just three months I was down to 90 kilos and I was happy with myself. However, knowing that I couldn’t stop there, I made time for working out. It meant missing on lots of stuff and during those three months there were lots of ups and downs for me, especially on mental level. I felt like there is no point and that I should just accept myself for the way I am, but then I realized that it’s my job to shape who I am – willpower is all life’s about. You can achieve your weight loss goals, too. Finally, for the sake of change and a better way of living, sing along with me.