November 20, 2017 / by Emma Jones

Who can resist the divine smell of freshly baked goods? Even if you’ve excluded pastries from your diet, and try to avoid such calories at all costs, you can’t deny you find yourself drawn to take a peek at what the local bakeries have to offer. Just the fact our bread market is worth $4.7 billion goes to show how much of a bread-loving nation we are, something that ought to be encouraging enough for anyone dreaming of opening up a bakery of their own.

Dough Moulder

So, apart from the love for baking, arming yourself with the baking (and business) skills, and finding the ideal location, it takes acquiring the adequate bits and pieces of baking equipment to count on a great outcome. For starters, you’ve probably gathered by now one of the bases of bakeries is dough, dough for bread, dough for pastries, dough for cakes – which is why a dough moulder, like the bread moulder for sale, for instance, ought to be your primary inventory and most important investment.

You’d make the most of this purchase by taking the size of your bakery into consideration, as well as the amount of baking goods you’re willing to bake on a daily basis. As you get to know more of the customer demands, you can decide whether overtime you’d need something bigger than a dual roller (rounding and moulding).

Though you’d find yourself wanting to get your hands in the dough, a bread moulder for sale can save you a lot of time and effort, allowing you the chance to invest your energy in the finishing, decorating touches. As soon as you start attracting more customers, you can make sure quantity counts as much as quality.

Let’s not forget the proper baking oven, proofing cabinets, a refrigerator to keep ingredients fresh, and bakery display cases are also part of the basic equipment. It’s important to decide well before you include something in the menu, making sure you have the right utensils (e.g. spatulas, flour sifters), and pans for it. As soon as you’ve finished up with this inventory, give the bakery as a whole a thought, deciding whether you’d like to attract more customers by providing comfortable seating and dining area.

Making room for that also brings about another consideration: the requirement of refreshments in the form of juices, tea, and coffee, and of course, the right equipment to prepare them. Another investment you ought to make is marketing; spreading a word is all it takes when you’re a starter. You can do so by getting your own special paper bags, and using the internet and the many social networks.

And oh, be sure to adopt some strategies, like the one of giving away freebies in the likes of bruschetta, muffins, cupcakes, or anything you feel would do the trick to increase the number of customers that stop by at your bakery. Bake your way to success!