November 15, 2016 / by Emma Jones

Are you that one friend from the gang who likes to spice up the party with a warm outside fire that leads to pleasant all night long conversations? No need to disguise yourself, you’re one of us, or I’m one of you, however you like it. We, the outside wanderers, really like to stick to our true nature and feel Mother Earth’s beauty even when we’re at home, cozy and comfortable. So bringing the indoors outside is the number one priority when decorating our house. I’m guessing you also chose the house with the biggest and greenest garden and you’re very excited to kick it up a notch and make the outside lover in you very proud.

If your home is the place where you get to be the real you, your garden should be the place where you’ll get to feel your real you. For that matter, you definitely shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your outdoor living furniture and give your garden the “wow factor” by making it fun and creative. If you’re outside it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little fancy and spoil yourself with some cool pieces, like a comfy hammock swing chair or a cute picnic basket that will become the greatest hit at all your house parties.


But what’s more fun than an outdoor kitchen? Experimenting with spice and everything nice can be tricky in your kitchen, however when you have one outside, you can cook without feeling guilty about your freshly painted walls or the curtains you recently washed. Besides, it’s always more entertaining to gather your friends and family outside and cook together with some wine and beer. Plus you’ll get to learn some new cooking tips and skills. Barbecue is always the first idea that pops in our minds when it comes to outside kitchens. It’s fun, friendly and there’s always someone in the family with the right technique to light a fire.

Nonetheless, the most important piece of outdoor living furniture is the seating. Any kind of seating is a great choice for the outdoors. There is a variety of chairs, sofas and benches that will style up your garden to the next level and you will get your perfect sanctuary. A good seat will make it easier for you to chill and just go with the flow whether it’s for your dining space or the corner where you want to read a book or watch a film on your laptop.

The hours you spend in your backyard should be reserved for relaxing and connecting with nature, so make sure you’ve included the five key elements for a perfect garden: Earth, shade, water and fire. Don’t forget you’re designing an outside space so try not to get too artificial on your garden. Some colourful flowers, a lot of grass and a hose to keep your natural carpet green are the essentials for any backyard. The importance of the shade is obvious I guess, but it’s up to you if you want it from an umbrella or if you’ll go the natural way. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you can dress up your backyard with some candles or some cool lightening because nights are also reserved for an outside chit chat.

Don’t skimp on a single detail and give your garden and yourself a pleasurable atmosphere where creativity will flow and talks won’t end. It’s okay to feel like a kid in a grown up world when decorating your home because it will be stressful and it will be exhausting, but don’t ever forget your personal signature. Listen to your instincts and go and make your backyard the coolest place in town.