March 01, 2018 / by Emma Jones

For any business that deals with selling food, glass door refrigerators are perhaps the number one investment in terms of importance. They help keep the food and drinks chilled at the precise temperatures needed to prevent them from going bad, and ensure they always taste refreshingly cool. In commercial kitchens, clear glass door refrigerators can store a great amount of stock while also providing visibility and easy access. Plus, they are a great way to create an attractive display of the products you’re selling. When considering what kind of glass door fridge is best suited for your business, you should take the following factors into account.

The Type of Fridge

Depending whether you’re running a bakery, a convenience store, a restaurant or a cake shop, you need to consider what type of clear glass door refrigerator will best meet your business’s specific needs. Bars, clubs, or leisure centres would most benefit from back bar coolers as they are conveniently attached under a counter and provide a quick access to bottled or canned drinks. Furthermore, lighting is a crucial factor for this kind of a fridge, especially in dark clubs or bars. If you need to sell food items like pastries, cheese, meats, or fish, it’s advisable to use an over counter server. There are also merchandisers (upright glass door fridges) which are used for displaying packed products. On the other hand, if you’re running a large commercial kitchen, an underbench fridge can help you keep your ingredients within close reach and in plain sight.


The capacity of a fridge is often determined by its size, so the larger the unit it is – the more it can store. Ranging from 94 to 2040 litres, there are fridges with capacities to accommodate all businesses, large or small. Whatever unit you choose, do not pack it full to the brim, as it can reduce air circulation and put strain on the compressor, reducing its overall performance. Instead, make sure there’s at least 2cm clearance on all sides.

Internal Lighting

More often than not, a clear glass door refrigerator is used for displaying food items in an appealing manner to maximise sales. Besides keeping the doors of the fridge squeaky clean at all times, good internal lighting can also help create an attractive display. LED lights make products appear more appetising and inviting, plus they are very energy-efficient and won’t affect your electricity costs that much. There are different types of lights available, such as vertical lights and shelf lights, and most of them come in a variety of colours.